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Issue 80: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Anniversary There were various 9/11 tribute fly’s to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The below photo is from our northern friends in Guelph, Ontario. http://www.newsday.com/…9-11-tribute-1.3160024 http://record-eagle.com/local…9-11-Events http://www.examiner.com/long-island-tributes-to-9-11 Charity “The 13-year-old has embarked on a crusade to raise $1,000 for a beach trip for 27 orphans served by Flying Kites, an […]

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Issue 79: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Adventure Eugene Novožeev and Konstantin Aksyonov have successfuly kite crossed the Bering Strait. The Russians kiteboarders are the first riders to complete this mission, after several attempts from other wind challengers. The cross of the Bering Strait is a 96-kilometre (56 miles) adventure. Novožeev, four-time Russian kiteboarding champion, and […]

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Issue 78: News Reel

Kiting news from around the world Culture: The east end ruled the island-wide unofficial ‘biggest kite’ contest, with a homemade Bermuda-style kite over 20 feet tall attracting plenty of attention at the annual Gilbert Lamb Family Fun Day at St. David’s County Cricket Club today. Video at below web site: http://bernews.com/…21-foot-kite-in-st-davids The kite maker, Ernest […]

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Issue 77: News Reel

Adventure: Two adventurous siblings from Iqaluit have begun a 3,000-kilometre trek in the Northwest Passage in the hopes of being the first to kiteski through the fabled Arctic route. In 2007, they completed a 2,300-kilometre kite-ski trip across Greenland. After that, they crossed the Gobi Desert by kite-buggy. “Antarctica and Greenland are exotic, and this […]

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Issue 72: News Reel

AFGHANISTAN-AMERICA: As a boy, Behrooz learned the craft and science behind kites, as did many children in Afghanistan. There were three kinds of kites: fighting, leisure and, for lack of a better term, luminary. http://www.salisburypost.com/News/051410-wineka-column-behrooz-lakey-pix AUSTRIAN: Dozens of passenger planes had to be diverted from Vienna International Airport (VIA) after an Austrian flew three kites […]

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Issue 71: News Reel

Japan: Shirone Kite Festival is a 360 year old kite festival which features kite battles between two villages across the Nakanokuchi River. Haiti: The kites are beautiful: some have layers of black and clear plastic forming diamonds and stars. Some have decorative edges, the plastic razor-sliced into piñata fringe. But they work, catching the breeze […]

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Issue 65: News Reel

New sculpture takes flight By HAYLEY GALE – The Nelson Mail Last updated 13:56 18/03/2009 A new publicly funded sculpture that represents the coming together of the diverse community of Golden Bay has been installed outside the Takaka Memorial Library. Entitled Nga Hou E Wha (The Four Winds), the metal sculpture depicting four kites was […]

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Issue 64: News Reel

FlyNY 2009 There is a unique kite making competition in New York City this spring that is occurring outside of the kite world. This is an extraordinary opportunity for some of our most talented kite makers to demonstrate to the outside world what a wealth of ability resides within the kite community. FlyNY is an […]

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Issue 5: Funny Pages

We are pleased to bring you the work of Joe Lavin, a syndicated humor columnist whose work appears in many newspapers and magazines. Joe’s writings have nothing to do with kiting, but, what the heck, we think he is a funny guy. Orbitz: The Drink With Balls Today, I feel compelled to write about Orbitz, […]

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Issue 4: Buggy Newz

So… You want to go buggy, huh? It sure does look like a lot of fun… But (I hear you say) is it dangerous? Buggies are a really fun way to sail on the land, powered by kites. The danger is only when a rider gets into situations beyond their skill level or knowledge. I […]

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