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Paul LaMasters ends his quad ballet

Richmond-Washington Sport Kite Championship

In 2005, a kite flier named Terry Cornell (known by his friends as T.C.) dreamt of building a regional sport kite competition with an emphasis on training novice sport kite competitors (not to mention giving T.C. an excuse to exercise his newly-gained web editing skills to create a web site for the event!).  The Richmond-Washington […]

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Issue 3: Novice Class

Welcome to Novice Class for June, 1998. I have had the pleasure of attending the Maryland International Kite Exposition and the Wildwood International Kite Festival since submitting my last column to the editor. If you have recently become interested in kiting, you owe it to yourself to attend a large festival, take in the sites, […]

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Issue 2: View from the Rear

Buggies – A Novice’s Odyssey Things I learned in my rookie year as a buggy pilot. Many of you out there are probably a lot like me; you love flying kites but have never had the chance to try buggying. You skip over every thread on the subject of buggying and traction kites in the […]

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Issue 1: 4play

The first time I picked up a quad line kite, I practically was forced to do it. I was really just getting the hang of two line sport kites and wan2012ted to concentrate on that. A friend and fellow kiter, Jason Benedict, had just gotten a Rev II and was really excited about it. After some intense […]

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Issue 1: Novice Class

Initial Greetings Thank you for stopping by the novice’s corner. This purpose of this column is to provide information to individuals who are new to the sport and recreation of kiting. Please note that I said sport AND recreation of kiting. First and foremost, flying kites should be FUN! However, there is a competitive side […]

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