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North Shore Radicals (NSR by Top Of The Line)

How We Started – Part Four

I left off last time at the beginning of Marilyn finally agreeing to fly pairs with me. The intention was to have a go at some of the winter leagues and see how we liked it before, maybe entering the STACK competitions. An example of how kiting can help you in other ways, Marilyn was […]

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Issue 53: REVisions: Indoors, Pairs and More!

Last time I sat down to write REVisions, where I dealt with the basics of indoor flying, it was raining in the Northwest. In what will come as a huge surprise to everybody, it’s STILL raining up here with no apparent end in sight, so, I guess it’s a good time to continue our look […]

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Issue 34: Team Tirades – Pairs Flying: The Wright Approach

Having spent a fair amount of time on the competition field with Ari, we were interested to learn from his perspectives… As well as share them with our readers. Disclaimer from the author: No one on earth has a corner on the truth. The following ideas and approaches work best for me. There are many […]

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