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Kerry Glass

Issue 70: Empty Spaces – Kerry Glass

Kerry Glass was a kite flying friend of mine.  And please put some extra emphasis on that word “friend,” too.  That word is quite important to us. Oh, our friendship originally centered on kite flying, but it quickly grew into something much more meaningful to me.  Yes, he was certainly always a kite flier, but […]

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Issue 69: Empty Spaces (Marty Sasaki and Erv Crosby)

  Marty Sasaki 1954 – 2009 With a most saddened heart I am sorry to have to tell you that our dear friend, Marty Sasaki, passed away, in hospital, last Saturday morning of sepsis. Marty’s body will be cremated sometime this week.  Marty’s long-time and dearest partner, Joanne Klys (rhymes with “eyes”), is responsible for […]

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Issue 68: Empty Spaces – Francis Rogallo

In the weeks since Francis Rogallo died at the age of 97 (12 January 1912 ~ 1 September 2009), I’ve been pondering the incredibly massive, and profound impact he had on the international kite world.  I’m not sure his remarkable contributions have been, or ever will be, fully realized or appreciated for the immense impact […]

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Issue 68: Empty Spaces – Bill Lockhart

A Tribute to a Dear Friend and Kitemaker. . . Most of you probably didn’t know that bill had a soft spot for Las Vegas. Once or twice a year (at least), he would run away from responsibilities in Lubbock, take Betty Street in tow, and spend a couple of days in Vegas. Not the […]

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Issue 67: Kites… Life.

I’m looking forward to seeing this issue go live, as it will mean that I’m free to pack and prepare for my first visit to Colombia on August 4th… In addition to meeting lots of new people and finally putting faces to some names, iQuad is arriving a couple days before their festival to provide […]

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Issue 66: ProFile: Chris Goff

Dubbed “petite phenom” by some of his French competitors early on, Chris Goff has earned a reputation as one of the top dual line freestyle pilots in the world, with hand speed and combination abilities that would make anyone’s head spin. Now entering his 20’s, Chris is still very active on the European kite scene […]

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Issue 65: Empty Spaces: Margaret Greger

A former schoolteacher, Greger taught thousands of children the how to make kites, making her one of the pillars of kiting education. Her best-known books Blown Sky High, Kites for Everyone and More Kites For Everyonewere written and self-published by Greger, whose desire was to bring her years of kite plans and experience to other […]

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Issue 64: Drachen Archives: The Way We Were

Another year has slipped away and memories of Y2K have become distant as the first decade of the 21st Century has almost passed.  As we mark this moment, I want to take a look back at how we in the kite world have progressed to this exciting time; kite surfing a mainstream sport, resurgence of […]

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Issue 63: Empty Spaces: Scott Spencer

It was with a heavy heart that we recieved an email from Mike Dallmer recently, that informed of us Scott Spencer’s passing. To get an idea of just how much Scott accomplished on behalf of kiting, take a look at the list of achievements listed in his nomination for the Eideken Award and the next […]

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Issue 63: Empty Spaces: David Davies

Editor’s note : A true orginator in the world of kite design, David Davies invented one of the only quad line kites to be a completely different kite from the Revolution. Truly a joy to fly and now flown all over the world, this man will be missed by many. Below is from Con Engel’s […]

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