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2 - KiteRight

KiteRight – Kite Sports for Humanity

On 24th and 25th October 2012 KiteRight with support from the BKSA and local school Easyriders made worldwide history. True to its objectives of opening up the sport to people with physical, mental health and learning challenges the first KiteRight course had participants with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bi-Polar disorder (manic depression) and two […]

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Buggy Newz

Issue 75: Buggy Newz

Location: – Pembrey and Pendine beaches, South Wales, UK. The Last Gasp has been the end of race season traditional weekend meet for well over 15 yrs. Saturday starts with a number of 3 lap races and the “killer” 4Hr enduro race is held on the Sunday. 4 Hrs on its own demands much of […]

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Buggy Newz

Issue 74: Buggy Newz: Life’s a Beach!

This worked well but as I got closer to the coast the rain started, as expected, and as I arrived at the campsite by 4.00pm, I was surprised at how many folks were already there. As the rain had been predicted for the evening I decided, unwisely I might add, not to take my tent, […]

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Steve Walt Webb

Issue 71: Buggy Newz – PKA Icicles Buggy Weekend

Westwood Ho! Beach, North Devon, UK. 30-31st January 2010 Saturday events: –  1 Hr enduro race and three 3 lap races. Sunday events: – 3 or 4 Hr enduro race depending on weather and tides. I no longer race in the ParaKart Association’s National race series but I do like to take part in the […]

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Issue 46: Dead Bird Buggy Bash

DBBB (Dead Bird Buggy Bash) is an annual event without “organization” or “organizers” (officially) but it is put together by an awesome group of Texas kite fliers. There is a core of Texans that make this trip a great one that I would only miss under great duress, such as a water line bursting under […]

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Issue 43: A Day in the Power Zone

As a long time sport kite participant, I’ve been around all kinds of kiting activities including power and traction flying… However, my prime love of traditional sport kiting has always taken priority and I never really seemed to find the time to spend aboard a buggy or board. In early 1994 I attended the first […]

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Issue 42: North American Buggy Expo

Our friend Steve Irby is in the ‘A’ line with us as we board our non-stop Southwest flight to Las Vegas on Saturday, March 26th. My wife Katy and I are ready to enjoy a week of adventure in the Mohave, Spring Break buggy style. We blast out of Austin, pushing through a storm front […]

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Issue 42: Kite Buggy in Buenos Aires

During the last weekend in April, April 30th through May 1st, the Alto Vuelo Kite Factory called a Kite Buggy group meeting at an Integral Nature Reserve Punta Rasa. A bunch of friends from “BATOCO”, the “Alto Vuelo Club” and “Kite Sur” all traveled 300 kilometers to enjoy the meeting. All of them wanted to […]

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Issue 42: North American Buggy Expo (gallery)

Photos by Jason Robbins  

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Issue 41: ProFile with Bob Childs

We got to talking around the Kitelife office, discussing those areas of kiting that we haven’t focused on recently… You know – those “power” guys, and some folks in other countries, and the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) aficionados, and also some of kiting’s “historical” figures too! Anyway, Bob Childs’ name came up in our discussions, […]

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