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Issue 50: ProFile: Carl Robertshaw

One of the true greats of kiting, Carl has definitely made his mark in kiting history… As a member of world champion team Airkraft, winning multiple European championships of his own, as one of the top kite designers in the world, and as a very fine and generous (if not occasionally off-color) fellow. But Carl […]

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Issue 47: ProFile: Egan Davis

Although relatively new by “pro standards”, Egan Davis has been making waves as a competitive flier since the middle of last year! He’s got a few more years of flying than that behind him, but he’s really come into his own as of late.  One of my favorite pilots to watch, he has a style […]

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Issue 44: ProFile with Gayle Woodul

One of our favorite kite personalities, this fiery Texan has proven she’s a force to be reckoned with by venturing into nearly every aspect of kiting at one time or another including team flying, individual competition, large inflatables, kite making, traction kiting and more, as well as tackling all kinds of roles and volunteer positions […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with Cutting Edge

I’d never done a face to face interview before, and who better to start with than the 2005 World Champions Team Cutting Edge? For the previous 11 years, the World Championships have gone to European teams, proving themselves dominant in the sport of team flying… However, the members of Cutting Edge had their palates teased […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with John Chilese

I first ran across John Chilese’s name as a result of a Google-search… I’d been flying SLKs and dualies on my own for years, but was finally getting interested in “organized” kiting… Time to find out what was on the net having to do with kites. Of course, I’d no idea that the ENTIRE WORLD […]

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Issue 42: ProFile with Ron & Sandy Gibian

If we’re very lucky, at least once in our lifetime we’ll meet someone we just click with. Someone who inspires us, who challenges us, who brings to the table a sense of themselves and the world around them that we can truly relate to. They’ll have a passion for life that we can only wonder […]

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Issue 41: ProFile with Bob Childs

We got to talking around the Kitelife office, discussing those areas of kiting that we haven’t focused on recently… You know – those “power” guys, and some folks in other countries, and the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) aficionados, and also some of kiting’s “historical” figures too! Anyway, Bob Childs’ name came up in our discussions, […]

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Issue 41: ProFile with Dan Whitney

Dan Whitney has likely befriended more kiters than any other retailer alive if you take into account not only his retail work, but all the folks he’s met at festivals and other events around the country… So anyway, Kitelife has been actively searching for interesting Kite Photography for our pages, and Dan Whitney has kept […]

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Shawn and Patty GISKC

Issue 41: ProFile with Shawn and Patty Tinkham

When we first approached Shawn and Patty Tinkham about the possibility of a Kitelife  interview with the two of them, we mentioned that they seemed to be the “Poster Children” for Eastern League competitors.  Shawn, in his acceptance email, fired back “Poster Children?  Well Post Office ‘Mug Shots,’ maybe…” Well, nothing could be further from […]

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Issue 40: ProFile with Robert Valkenburgh

On a trip to a kite festival in Taiwan last September, I was exposed to something I’d had never seen before at any of the events throughout the USA… Kinetic sculptures (generally harmonic of nature), or “Wind Gardens” which I found out are fast becoming a staple at events all over Europe!  One of the […]

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