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Issue 42: Cutting Edge Spring Fling (results)

EVENT RESULTS: NIP 1st Ron Potts 62.733 2nd Jim McPherson 60.800 3rd Scott Ralston 58.300 4th Rudy Yeung 58.267 5th Todd Rudolph 51.533 Tie Breaker 6th Jennifer Brown 51.533 Tie Breaker 7th Moon Kushner 47.300 8th Doug Lommel 33.333 NIB 1st Jennifer Brown 69.667 2nd Moon Kushner 64.200 3rd Scott Ralston 55.333 4th Doug Lommel […]

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Issue 39: Whidbey Island Kite Festival (results)

Open Individual Indoor Unlimited Jerry Cannon Ray Underwood Egan Davis Scott Davis Tristan Underwood Wayne Turner Novice Individual Precision Ronald Potts Rudy Yeung Jennifer Brown Tristan Underwood Doug Lommel Stian Josok Novice Individual Ballet Tristan Underwood Jennifer Brown Rudy Yeung Experienced Individual Precision Ray Underwood Andrew Cimburek Brian Davis Gordon Fry James Thompson Jeremy Perceval […]

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Issue 38: Washington State International Kite Festival (results)

People’s Choice Flier Neil Dawson Dick Curran Ronda Brewer People’s Choice Kite Eric Wilson Pink Flamingo Black & White Cat Kite Trains Most beautiful Cliff Pennell’s Junk Yard train Longest John & Carol Vrolson 300-kite Trash Bag train Most unique Tom Tinney’s Miniature Diamonds   Kite Arches Most beautiful Georgean Curran’s Marbled Arch Most Unique […]

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Issue 5: WSIKF Results

WASHINGTON STATE INTERNATIONAL KITE FESTIVAL August 17-23, 1998 EVENT RESULTS: MONDAY Trains Most Beautiful: Bob and Bea Murphy Most Unique: Bill Cox Longest Train: John and Carol Vrolson Arches Most Beautiful: Ron Button Most Unique: Wayne Pattison Longest Arch: Terry Lee TUESDAY Club Camps 1. Hahn — Tacoma, WA 2. Lavender Winds — Fremont, CA […]

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