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Issue 79: REVisions – Essential Rev Upkeep

Essential upkeep for your Revs! Maintain your kite(s) So, with what’s been some rather windless weather here in Vancouver, I’ve found myself sitting down in the grass, either watching it grow or contemplating weighty topics to discuss here in Revisions. Well, ok, not so much of that but, what I do find myself doing is […]

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Portsmouth UK

Issue 62: Revisions, The UK Edition

As I eluded to within my two articles regarding my trip to the UK, something rather magical came together at both events. When it was first discussed how we would be able to manage large amounts of flyers in megaflys at the two events. We were looking at 40+ flyers for both events and while […]

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Imagine 8 of these in the sky at once

Issue 62: Portsmouth Kite Festival

Late last year, I think just after WSIKF, I received an interesting email. When John Barresi and I had journeyed off to Berck Sur Mer for the World Championships in 2006, I’d emailed Felix Mottram of  The Decorators in the hopes that perhaps they’d be there as well, as their web site schedule suggested as […]

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