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<i>Grand Champion</i><br/>Will Sturdy

2010 AKA Convention: Day 6

Last day of AKAGN, I started off my morning with a visit to Ben Dantonio’s workshop (Rev 101) covering the basics of flight and equipment choice, also presenting this morning was Scott Skinner (Drachen – Outreach to to the Professional Teachers), Steve Ferrell (Judging Handmade Kites: After the Competition) and John Pollock’s (Yellow, Red and […]

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2010 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals

2010 AKA Convention: Day 5

Our morning workshops consisted of “Traveling to Kite Festivals Outside the USA” by Cliff Quinn and Marla Miller, “Origami Kite Making” by Yukio Akiyama, and “Oodles of Revs – Anyone can Mega Fly” by myself and iQuad… The Fly Market continued with great deals, along with Tom McAlister’s kite art gallery. The workshops are always […]

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2010 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals

2010 AKA Convention: Day 4

Thursday morning started off with pretty good weather and early winds off the land, so I trundled off to the Convention Center for quick visits into the bag raffle, as well as the following workshops… Indoor Fighter Kite make and take by Steve Bateman, A Renaissance of Kites in Mexico by Scott Skinner and Jose […]

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AKA Convention and Grand Nationals

2010 AKA Convention: Day 3

Another absolutely amazing day in Seaside with sun and warm weather all day, and while it wasn’t on all the time, there were some regular doses of near-perfect wind coming in right off the ocean… Before sampling those breezes, I made a brief appearance in the workshops where Bill Rogers, Steve Ferrell, Sharon Champie, David […]

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2010 AKA Convention and Grand Nationals

2010 AKA Convention: Day 2

My morning started off with a quick jaunt over to the Convention Center for a peek into the various workshops, including topics from beginner sewing to the hobby of collecting kite pins… I enjoyed one in particular, the “First-Timers Introduction to the Convention” led by Richard and Marti Dermer… We might have had a dozen […]

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Kymera dual line, flying upwind from Phil and Barb Burks' display.

2010 AKA Convention: Day 1

First day of AKAGN in Seaside, OR… Brings back nostalgic feelings, as this was where I’d first encountered more than my own regional kite fellows, same beach, same event, in 1990, coming to see all the pros I’d been reading about in the magazines for the very first time. This is the fourth time AKAGN […]

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Issue 70: Outstanding Fields – Seaside, OR USA

Hi! While I read Luc Parent’s gorgeous recommendation for the Iles de la Madeleine, in Kitelife’s last issue with considerable interest (and a very healthy amount of envy), I have decided that my own definition for the qualities I find necessary for a favorite flying-field probably differs from his by a fair amount. My own […]

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Issue 50: Lewis & Clark Exposition

Getting There Midnight. That was when I told Justin I would be at his house to pick him up on the way to the Seaside event. And there we were at midnight, out in front of Jusitn’s house trying to load all of our gear plus a giant box of homemade cookies in to the […]

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Issue 48: Wind Dancer Sky Dazzle

As we made our way to Seaside for the the second outdoor NWSKL event of 2006, I thought back to last year when winds were in the upper teens and twenties for most of both days and pouring rain… Flying a mega team with TKS Mid-Air and Cutting Edge the first morning, rain came down […]

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Issue 44: Lewis & Clark Exposition

It’s been three weeks since the first competition of the fiscal year. Including this event, there are only two more competitions to go in the calendar year and for flyers to pick up points to add to the 2006 competition season… For this one, we return to the location of nationals 2004, Seaside Oregon. Although […]

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