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Photo by Todd Rudolph

Issue 44: From the Editor

Welcome to our latest issue, it’s been a crazy past few weeks with so much happening in the closing months of the season… Festivals, competitions and fun flies nearly every weekend in September have kept the staff here at Kitelife very busy indeed! I make a concerted effort to attend as many events as possible […]

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Issue 44: Steveston SKC

It’s our one trip up and over the border to our Canadian friends for the last competition of the season. This is where those fliers who have been fighting for blue jackets will know whether or not they knocked out the person in first or if they stay back and have to wait yet another […]

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Issue 43: ProFile with Cutting Edge

I’d never done a face to face interview before, and who better to start with than the 2005 World Champions Team Cutting Edge? For the previous 11 years, the World Championships have gone to European teams, proving themselves dominant in the sport of team flying… However, the members of Cutting Edge had their palates teased […]

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Issue 43: Northwest Stunt Kite Championships

What better way is there to finish off a week of team competition down in Lincoln City Oregon than to come up to Long Beach Washington and have another one of our seasonal Northwest Sport Kite League competitions. Generally in years past the weather has not been that great, and a couple times we were […]

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