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Issue 76: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Waltzing with the Weather down in Texas… or attending a GREAT South Padre Island Kite Festival Scotty Weider and I are on a “Kite Road Trip” together. We’d been out a week when we hit Texas, staying a night in Fort Stockton and then tooling on down into Johnson City (of LBJ fame) which is […]

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Issue 76: South Padre Island Kite Festival Gallery

Photos by TK Barresi and Dave Shattuck

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Issue 75: South Padre Island Competition

Sponsored by Windchasers Kite Shop It’s not often we attend a kite festival where the weather and wind are just about perfect, and it’s very rare it happens on both days of a two-day event. Well, it happened this time at the 13th Annual South Padre Island Kite Competition/Festival held November 6-7, 2010, hosted by […]

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Issue 70: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Going to some kite festivals is a bit difficult and “pricey” at times… So I’ve kinda avoided the hefty travel costs of going to some of the more distant, out-of-the-way fests, preferring to stick closer to home instead. Still, John Barresi (our Kitelife Publisher, and iQuad Captain) has been telling me for years and years: […]

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Issue 69: SPI Competition

November 7-8, 2010 It was great to have the South Padre Island Kite Competition/Festival back on the calendar this year. This event is run and sponsored by Windchasers Kite Shop owned by Guy Blatnik. And I have to say, this year’s festival is one that none of us will forget. Usually, you can say that […]

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iQuad rockin'... Barresi, de Rooy, Poulter, and Hathaway..

Issue 65: South Padre Island Kite Festival

They say all good things must come to an end, but we sure weren’t ready for this year’s festival to end. It was one of the best if not the best festivals we’ve had on the Island. Normally, we have one good weather day to fly and one questionable or really bad weather day to […]

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Issue 59: SPI Kite Festival

Last year, when John Barresi and I came back from South Padre Island, we vowed to Bill and Susie Doan, the main organizers behind this festival, that’d we’d happily come back next year and bring a full sized team back with us. I’m obviously very pleased to say that we did indeed go back, and […]

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Issue 57: South Padre Island Competition

Windchasers Kite Shop, owned and operated by Guy Blatnik, held the 11th Annual SPI Kite Competition/Festival November 3-4. There were competitors from Dallas, Austin, Fulton, Pharr, and the surrounding area. Those of you who have attended one of the South Padre Island kite events know about the large kite field they have to use on […]

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Issue 53: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Let me introduce you to the joys of winter on the Pacific Northwest. It typically involves a lot of rain, and temperatures hovering just over freezing so that we can rarely get any snow, however this year proved to be somewhat different in that we DID get a lot of snow. So, when John Barresi […]

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Issue 47: South Padre Island Festival

Friday morning found me catching a Continental flight from PDX to Houston where I transferred to the much smaller plane that would take me to the Brownsville airport, about 15 minutes from South Padre Island (SPI)… Admiring the beautiful view on the way in, we encountered some pretty hefty wind shear which required us to […]

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