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CVF Mega Team (Demo)

Sneak Peek – 9th World Sport Kite Championship

A Preview of the 9th World SportKite Teams Championship, Rencontre International Cerf Volant, Berck sur Mer, France WSKC 2014 12-20 April 2014 Competition days: April 15/16/17 World Sport Kite Championships is back with a 14 team contest featuring representatives from 9 Nations.  In the previous 8 editions, three teams, Overdrive (France), Cutting Edge (USA) and […]

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Issue 77: Pothecary’s Corner

Selecting a kite and dreaming on about long tails… Buying a sport kite Draw a horizontal line, six inches long, on a piece of paper. At the left side write Precision and on the right, put Tricks. Now, hold your pen in the middle and move it one way or the other and you will […]

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Issue 73: World Sport Kite Championships

– Click here to read this report in Spanish – – Haga clic aquí para leer este informe en español – Once again the city of Berck Sur Mer received kitefliers from all over the world, especially because it was going to host the World Sport Kite Championships of dual line kite teams. Berck was […]

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Issue 64: The Soul Fliers

Memorable ballet routines, like works of art, consist not of a planned series of strokes, but rather strokes of inspiration. One of the advantages of attending sport kite competitions is that in doing so you have a chance to realize things you’ve never been aware of before. Quite often it’s a new trick (remember the […]

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Issue 58: Multiple Sport Kite Flying III

MKF Part III is about a learning method to fly 3 Dual line kites at the same time with independent controls. I hope it will be a useful guide. Before you read this technical article, I really recommend re-read my previous articles about this subject : http://www.kitelife.com/magazine/issue49/mskf49/content.php http://www.kitelife.com/magazine/issue53/mkfII53/content.php Remember that MKF is like team flight, […]

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IMG_1425 First Timer Award

Issue 54: Tricks Party South

New competitors and seasoned flyers alike traveled to Huntsville in March to compete in a two-day, three-round Tricks Party showdown. The event was the brainchild of Randy Greenway, Keith Galeano, and Alan Crow. The trio proved to be organizers extraordinaire. Long before the flyers arrived on Friday, March 16, the signs pointed to a memorable […]

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Issue 53: Multiple Sport Kite Flying (part II)

Hi friends of Kitelife. Do you remember my first article about MKF? Well, this is the next level about it and I hope it will be a useful guide. So, are you ready to start? This time, I would like to describe my experience specifically flying 2 kites at the same time with some tricks […]

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Issue 53: Silver Fox 2.5 STD by Flying Wings

Specifications Manufacturer: Flying Wings Model: Silver Fox 2.5 STD Wingspan: 98″ Height: 36″ Weight: 12.6 Oz. Type of kite: Polyvalent. Materials: Dynamic 15, T18 frame, PC31 Ventex polyester sail, injected leading edge and t-piece connectors by Flying Wings. Source for test kite: Manufacturer. Available from these fine retailers: A Wind of Change It’s been interesting […]

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Ted Goodman

Issue 53: Mid-Florida Regional SKC

If you judge the success of a comp only by the number of flyers entered, then you’d probably be inclined to think that MFRSKC tanked. My particular criteria for a successful comp include such intangibles as the number of smiles you see during the day, and at Sand Key there were smiles by the cartload! […]

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Issue 51: REVisions: What’s New?

This issue, I’ll touch on a few topics that have cropped over since I last wrote in this space. It’s been a very busy fall season for me, so here’s some of what went on. AKA Grand Nationals Des Moines, IA The beginning of October saw many kite flyers gather in Des Moines, Iowa. For […]

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