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Issue 80: Kites… Life.

Where are we, and where are we going? Here we are again, this time for our 80th issue of Kitelife… When I took over the reins from my friend Mike Gillard in January of 2003, I had no idea where it would lead, but I’m pretty pleased with what we’ve done over the past fifty-three […]

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Issue 67: No Wind, Low Wind Flying

Somewhere there is a mythical world where the breeze. are always a constant, perfect 10-12 mile. per hour. There are neither gusts nor lull.. No obstructions litter the field . Somewhere. . . but it sure isn’t here! It’s happened to all of us at least once. Sooner or later we find ourselves standing at […]

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Issue 57: Tokyo Bay Flight Party (results)

Free Flight Precision Dual Line 1 Kazuaki Akimoto 65.60 2 Tadahiko Matsumoto 65.57 3 Masahiko Tanaka 63.60 4 Wen 60.53 5 Mamoru Higuma 56.67 6 Takako Nakai 49.93 7 Hiroshi Takagi 37.63   Free Flight Precision Multi Line 1 Katsuji Suzuki 73.20 2 Sadatoshi Tashiro 62.87 3 Mitsuo Akita 50.30   Dual Line Individual Ballet […]

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Issue 47: ProFile: Egan Davis

Although relatively new by “pro standards”, Egan Davis has been making waves as a competitive flier since the middle of last year! He’s got a few more years of flying than that behind him, but he’s really come into his own as of late.  One of my favorite pilots to watch, he has a style […]

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Issue 46: A Modest Proposal to Change the World

In the last issue of Kitelife (#45) there is an excellent letter from Terry “TeeCee” Cornell about the problem of few or no spectators at sport kite competitions. Terry makes some very good points. Here is my take on the situation. First we have to recognize that there are two distinct kinds of kite festivals. […]

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Issue 44: AKA Corner

By the time you read this, AKA will have announced election results. Mail ballots are sent to our 4500 members and usually, about a quarter of the membership votes. Each year we select a President, an Executive Committee of 7 members, and one-third of our 13 Regional Directors. RD elections are staggered three-year terms to […]

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Issue 44: Weight Basics and Control

Recently in the world of dual line stunt kites, to weight or not to weight, this seems to be the question. Or perhaps more accurately, where and how to weight is the question. It wasn’t very long ago that just being able to do an axel made you a radical stunt flyer, but have you […]

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Issue 44: Cleveland Kite Festival

No one is really sure exactly how many times the Cleveland kite festival has taken place. This kite fly is held at Edgewater Park in downtown Cleveland, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie began sometime in the early 1980’s in combination with a local charity. The event was initially a success and the charity […]

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Issue 44: Golden Gate Challenge

On Saturday, September 3, 2005, the Bay Area Sport Kite League held their annual championship, The Golden Gate Challenge here at the scenic Ocean Beach in San Francisco, California. Award winning flyers gathered from as far as La Jolla, CA to compete for fun, prizes and to promote kiting in general. For several months our […]

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Issue 41: ProFile with Bob Childs

We got to talking around the Kitelife office, discussing those areas of kiting that we haven’t focused on recently… You know – those “power” guys, and some folks in other countries, and the Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) aficionados, and also some of kiting’s “historical” figures too! Anyway, Bob Childs’ name came up in our discussions, […]

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