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1989 Berlin, West Germany

ProFile: The Decorators

No one has been flying Revolution four-line kites in a team longer than London-based The Decorators… Featuring a veritable who’s who of team rotating members over their 20+ year history, they are still creating and pushing the envelope of Rev team flying and have served as an inspiration to many of the teams and fliers […]

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WSKC 2012 is coming!

That’s right, the eighth World Sport Kite Championships is scheduled to take place during the 26th annual Berck sur Mer Kite Festival in Berck sur Mer, France on April 7-16… A grand total of 14 teams from six countries have confirmed, all coming to duke it out for the coveted championship title. The Championship consists […]

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A Novice Position in the Mega-Grid

Issue 74: A Novice Position in the Mega Grid

100 Rev kites in a 10 x 10 stable grid formation…. That was the plan, but it came up 36 kites shy yet still broke the world record of 55 by a not-so-shabby margin of nine kites. There is no doubt that the current record of 64 will be broken and to do that Rev […]

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Issue 73: Kites… Life.

One of my primary areas of focus and interest over the past 2-3 years is the obvious lack of cohesion and growth in the North American dual line kiting community, evidenced by less competitors, fewer dual line teams at World Championships and even fewer full time dual line teams in North America… Now bear in […]

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Issue 71: REVisions – 100 Revs at WSIKF

I thought I had mentioned this in the last Revisions in Issue 70, but upon taking a quick re-read through the article, I find I completely neglected to say a word about it! I am remiss, so, I’ll take the issue’s article and do nothing BUT talk about it. For those of you who choose […]

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Issue 49: REVisions: Team Up!

Apparently, my trip to France in April still hasn’t really left my brain yet. When John and I returned, by the next festival in the Northwest, we were flying as multiline pairs (“Felonious Monk” obviously, I’m the monk-ey…) and we’d started pondering how to put together our own rev team, which came to be called […]

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Issue 2: Looking for the Cup

Of all the different types of kiteflying in existence, sportkite team flying must rank as the absolute favorite to please a crowd. When the sportkite team itself is a crowd,the excitement and visual impact increase exponentially. The recent trend in teams has been toward the smaller outfit, three or four fliers. World Cup has been […]

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Issue 2 (May 1998): Geelong Kite Festival

April 18th – 19th , incorporating the Australian National Team kite championships. My team (Zero Gravity) ventured east to attend the Geelong Kite Festival, a two day event that incorporated the Australian National Team Competitions. The winner of the Team event was to win the right to represent Australia at the World Cup planned to […]

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Issue 2: Bongo Hotline

Team Scene “Dont’ Panic” from Washington has downgraded the plans for this year. Team leader Jim Barber reports that his successful kite shop’s busy season will prevent them from contesting the early season events. With those events (including the AKM) being in the Eastern half of the US, it would take a tremendous amount of […]

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Issue 1: Quest for the World Cup

Phew……..What a year!!! For Sky Dance 1996 had been quite a year. Winning the European title for the 2nd year in a row had seemed unbelievable, but when in Japan we had taken the World title from Airkraft our year was complete. We all had holidays to wind down from the excitement and attended a […]

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