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Issue 33: Team Tirades: Consistency

This short edition is devoted to some of the ways a team can become more precise and consistent, while lowering overall stress… I’ve elected to keep this one simple to the point. Spacing You’ll most often find that good spacing will often alleviate other problems and make practice time more gratifying… Spacing is affected primarily […]

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Issue 32: Team Tirades – Team Spirit

This edition of Team Tirades inspired me to discuss the things that really make a team go… Throw aside the kites, the gear and the routine… What do you have? A handful of humans trying to accomplish the same thing. One of the binding aspects of a team is realization, and perspective because you are […]

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Issue 31: Team Tirades – Be Wise, Organize!

This is the first of what will hopefully be a regular, ongoing column in future issues of Kitelife. In issue 30 we touched on some highlights of team flying and some of the ways to go about it… In each following Team Tirade I’ll expound or expand on some team psychology, flying techniques, equipment tips, […]

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