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Great Texas Club Fly - Dick adjusts bridles on his weave spinner

2012 Great Texas Club Fly

Winter in the Texas Coastal Bend is a kite fliers dream.  Well, sometimes it is, other times it can be pretty much like winter in climates considerably higher in latitude.   The weatherman gave the 6th annual Great Texas Club Fly what we call “Chamber of Commerce” weather this year.   The winds were a little light […]

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Issue 70: Rockport Kite Festival

3rd Great Texas Kite Club Fun Fly “If you don’t like the weather in South Texas just wait a few hours!!”   So often that statement is quoted in jest, but never has it  been so true as on Friday December 4th as kite fliers are traveling to Rockport, Texas to attend the fun fly.   John […]

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Issue 69: Kites Over Granbury

The 3rd annual Kites Over Granbury kite festival was held in Granbury, TX this past Oct 17th-18th.  Stef and Roger Gaines, owners of Family Fun Kites in Granbury, organized the event, with mucho assistance from Dallas Oliver (member of the Dallas Area Kitefliers Association (DAKO) and all-around good guy).  The event, held every third weekend […]

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Issue 60: National Kite Month 2008

April was a busy month down in South Texas, just as I’m sure it was with kiters all over. I had always wanted to get involved in kite making with kids, and what better time to do it than National Kite Month. SPIKE, South Padre Island Kite Enthusiasts, our local kite club, was invited to […]

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Issue 60: Cloudbusters Kite Festival

As I sat down to begin this article I am watching the weather reports.  A tornado touched down south-west of Perrin, TX and the storm continues in the direction of the site where we just had a wonderful kite festival.  But this is Texas!  One minute it can be the most beautiful spring day and […]

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Issue 58: Great Texas Kite Club Fun Fly

It all began in 2006 when a couple of Texas kitefliers suggested we do a fun fly for the Texas clubs at Rockport since we used to have a AKA Competition event here in May and everyone likes to fly here..  So we set a January 2007 date, sent out some Emails, put up some […]

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Issue 54: Cloudbuster Festival

The Second Annual Cloud Buster Kite Festival held in Perrin, Texas was preceded by a real Texas size gully washer. 10 inches of rain fall on Thursday and Friday prior to the main events scheduled for Saturday March 31, 2007. All of those living in the South are quite aware there has been a severe […]

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Issue 53: South Padre Island Kite Festival

Let me introduce you to the joys of winter on the Pacific Northwest. It typically involves a lot of rain, and temperatures hovering just over freezing so that we can rarely get any snow, however this year proved to be somewhat different in that we DID get a lot of snow. So, when John Barresi […]

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Issue 52: Great Texas Kite Club Party

What a difference a few days make. It’s only been 24 hours since I parted ways with the members of Kite Clubs from all over Texas who got together to fly kites and enjoy good food and good company. The news is talking about a cold front sweeping the nation and putting freezing rain on […]

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Issue 48: Cloud Buster Kite Fest

Mitchell Resort and RV Park in the small village of Perrin, Texas hosted their first annual Cloud Buster Kite Fest April 1st and 2nd, 2006. This small rural agricultural community in North Texas with a population of 250 welcomed this event for a great family fun time together. The nearby town of Mineral Wells, population […]

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