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Kites… Life: It goes on!

Well, I haven’t done one of these since February 24th and I figured it’s high time with some new stuff on the horizon (how little I knew when I titled my LAST entry into this column)… With a little downtime at the airport on my way to Marseille, France today, I didn’t want to miss this […]

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Issue 76: Dave’s World: Travel – Tips and Trips

We’ve seen a lot of online posts lately asking about traveling with kites. And I completely understand. Between lost bags and damage, extra fees, and all that security, no wonder people are anxious. Susan and I regularly go to the airport with six bags weighing 70 pounds each. We travel a lot! And I often […]

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Issue 73: Kite & Bike Dreamtour VI – Part 2

So here we go again. After 8 years, I am about to experience my favourite way of flying kites, riding a Harley and stopping down the coast, at flight spots, that catch my eye. To be honest, before I go on a trip, I am always very nervous, if I will be able to find […]

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Issue 72: Dave’s World – Japan Tour Part 1 – Yes, We Can!

Mike Agner, Jim Martin, and Al Sparling were waiting for me at Narita Airport when I landed. I’d enjoyed an intense 36 hours at home — which was much better than the 12 originally scheduled. I’d driven Susie to Portland for her flights to Maryland. (More about that in a future Update). And then I’d […]

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Issue 72: Dave’s World – Japan Tour Pt 2 – Shi Tomodachi

Shi means “four” in Japanese. And tomodachi are “friends”. After a week sleeping on futons in the same room, Al, Mike, Jim and I were pretty tomodachi! On the top floor are the JKA offices and the famed Japan Kite Museum. I think Jim was most impressed with the collection of miniature kites. Mike was […]

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Issue 72: Dave’s World – Japan Tour pt 3 – Kite Frenzy in Hamamatsu

Wah-shoi! Wah-shoi! — the chanting is everywhere!! You hear it on the festival field, in the street parades and at neighborhood parities. The chanting is accompanied by the undulating and repetitive pounding of the kite music blasted by hundreds of drums, bugles and whistles. Soon you begin to hear it in your dreams. Hamamatu is […]

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Issue 72: Kite and Bike Dreamtour VI

Well, as I am sitting, preparing this years tour, in my thoughts I am reminiscing on the past 12 years and the beginning of the KITE AND BIKE DREAMTOURS. Back in 1995 I was sitting in my kiteshop, restless as always, thinking of some new adventures and I had this “vision” of a kite and bike […]

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Issue 70: Kites… Life.

Sitting alongside my wife, I’m starting this article at 35,000 feet somewhere over Arizona on my way to iQuad’s first major outdoor festival of the year in South Padre Island (TX) and I’m finding myself a little nostalgic so I hope you’ll bear with me, or not, feel free to skip on to the next article […]

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Issue 52: Dave’s World

There aren’t a lot of exciting kite trips in December and early January. So when Kitelife called for a pictorial essay, I looked over some of my older updates and found this classic. Kites are not the only constant in our lives… There comes a time, frequently, when every kiteflier needs to go. And if […]

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Issue 44: Tangents w/out Trivia

Quite a few people have talked about the decline of participants in our hobby and sport of Kite Flying over the last few years! Some blame the drop in attendance on too many rules, some place the blame on not enough rules. Many fliers want to have more of a fun experience. While other want […]

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