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Virtual Freestyle 23 is underway!

Geographically difficult to attend competitions? Want to test your mettle and show off your freestyle skills from the safety of home? Virtual Freestyle is an Internet-based kite flying competition that is free for everyone around the world to enter. The competition was born out of the desire for an informal fun and format with relatively few rules and only […]

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Virtual Freestyle: Round 22

Another round of Virtual Freestyle is in the books, with a grand total of 18 fliers throwing down their best tricks! This online stunt kite / sport kite competition focuses on freestyle, slack line or trick flying on dual line kites, in a continuous (unedited) video performance of roughly 90 seconds. Discussion on GWTW: VF22 […]

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Video: Ray Bethell

As longtime fans (along with countless others) of Ray Bethell, we’ve been proud to host this video for quite a long time now with permission from Ray… With hundreds of thousands of viewings worldwide, this video continues to expose people to modern kiting every day. A resident of Vancouver BC (Canada), Ray is one of […]

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team4fun - video

Video: Team4Fun – German Rev Team

Official web site – http://www.team-4-fun.de/ Es weihnachtet, mein kleines Geschenk ans Team 😉 Grüße, Markus It’s Christmas, my little gift to the team 😉 Grüße, Markus Click here to view Team4FunVideos’ channel on YouTube

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iFlite Implusiveness

Video: iFlite Implusiveness – Surreptitious Shenanigans

I love everything about this video… The comfortable couple, indoor flying, just lovely! We should all be so lucky. 🙂 Upload Notes: Somehow YouTube’s Audio Swap process slowed the video down and cut off the final 30 seconds of the video — Go figure! I fly my iFlite around my wife’s head while she tries […]

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Kieron Jansch

Videos: Kite Making by Kieron Jansch (1-3)

Having just seen the third in his series ourselves, we thought our readers might enjoy these very popular videos by Kieron Jansch… Kite Making from Kieron Jansch on Vimeo. I’m often asked where I got the kite I happen to be flying; the answer is that I make them. This generally leads into a long […]

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Video: Oregon Coast Summer Kite Festival 2011

One of my personal favorite videos of all time, it deserves to be posted and re-posted with abandon… It comes from the YouTube channel of JetsWing (Cody Cha), a truly fantastic video mind – be sure to browse the other works in his channel. A fun filled weekend at the Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln […]

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indoor kite flying

Video: Flyform at 2012 Windless Festival

 Final performance by FlyForm on Sunday at the 2012 Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. Composed of members Spence Watson, TK Barresi and John Barresi flying Indoor Revolutions… Roughly eight hours (combined) went into developing and practice this routine at the time this was filmed.  

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Issue 58: Kite Chi from The Coreylama

Seen any good kite movies lately? That would have been a ridiculous statement just a few years ago. About the only kites in movies then were in Mary Poppins, Bridge on the River Kwai, PeggySue Got Married or Waterworld. Things sure have changed. A major motion picture (as they say), with kites playing a central […]

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Issue 34: Video Review – 2003 AKA Convention by Alive Archives

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the new DVD from the last AKA Convention held in Dayton Ohio last October… Having been there ourselves and done daily updates every night (like we do every year), it was a welcome nostalgic trip for us. Featuring extensive footage from many of the premier individual […]

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