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Landmark sign in Wildwood

Issue 80: AKA Grand Nationals

The convention returns to Wildwood! Traditionally, we’ve done daily updates from the American Kitefliers Association annual Grand Nationals and Convention with highlights, competition results and photos… This time around however, TK and I had literally come straight to New Jersey from a 15 day tour of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo – the time difference […]

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Issue 73: Dave’s World: Wildwood

Getting to Wildwood wasn’t easy. For a 7 a.m, flight out of Portland, we have to leave home at three. The flight connected through Washington/Dulles. And that’s where things started to go wrong. I boarded the plane for Philly. Then the pilot announced he needed two volunteers to give up their seats. No one moved. […]

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Issue 67: Dave’s World – Wildwood

Susie doesn’t come to Wildwood anymore. She is a veteran of the old days with screeching tires, boom boxes, high hair and lime green spandex. She says when the festival shifts to Cape May, she’ll come back. Actually, not too much has changed. The boardwalk scene is alarming for anyone with teenage children. The noise […]

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Issue 61: Wildwood 2008

For the second year in a row, I managed to find myself standing outside of the convention center at Wildwood, once again as a member of iQuad. Last year, we had take a small group of four, but, this year, we returned in force, fielding a group of NINE pilots this year! I also had […]

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Issue 60: East Coast Rev Clinic

The First Annual East Coast Rev Clinic was held March 21st through the 23rd, 2008 in Wildwood, NJ. There was a great turnout, especially considering that it was Easter weekend. A special thank you must go to Brad Weiner for organizing this event. We were all extremely fortunate to have the best in the world, […]

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Issue 55: Wildwood International Kite Festival

Wildwood. The birthplace of “competition” amongst sport kites and one of the longer running festivals in North America. Held on Memorial Day weekend and in many ways, the kickoff to the summer along the New Jersey shores with their boardwalks, amusement parks and family fun, stretching for miles. Put on by Sky Festival Productions, through […]

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2005 East Coast Stunt Kite Championships – Results

NIP – Novice Individual Dual-line Precision Score 1 Chris Mitchell 70.90 2 Andy Burtchfield 41.20 3 Laura Stonestreet 40.50 4 Richard Mervine 37.00 5 Jason Garner 36.43 6 Terry Cornell 35.97 7 Ron Cox 30.47   NIB – Novice Individual Dual-line Ballet Score 1 Chris Mitchell 59.75 2 Richard Mervine 51.25 3 Elaine Edelman 48.00 […]

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2005 East Coast Stunt Kite Championships – Day 5

What a great week it’s been here in Wildwood, getting to see all my old friends from the east coast… It doesn’t happen nearly enough, and the ECSKC is certainly the one event where I can see almost everyone at the same time. Making our way out onto the beach around 10am, Lam and I […]

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2005 East Coast Stunt Kite Championships – Day 4

Sunday was the final day of outdoor sport kite competition, and we’re headed into our last festival day as well as the indoor events for Monday. The weather gods have continued to smile on us with sunny skies and moderate winds in the 6-10 mph range… The wind was coming from inland all day, but […]

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2005 East Coast Stunt Kite Championships – Day 3

On the first day of sport kite competition at this year’s ECSKC, and with Rick Gardner serving as Chief Judge, fliers gathered around the sound tent for their pilot’s meeting to discuss ground rules… The sun we had yesterday did a good job of drying up a lot of the “sud” or sand/mud on our […]

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