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Ray Bethell landing in a refuel...

Issue 80: WSIKF – The Wallet

A different kind of experience in Long Beach… As we arrived a day early to this year’s Washington State International Kite Festival to help our friends at Above it all Kites setup their retail booth on the approach, the weather was spectacular. The winds were perfect, the sun was shining and warm. The beach was […]

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iQuad gears up for the WSIKF night fly!

Issue 80: WSIKF 2011 Gallery

Photos by TK Barresi  

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Issue 78: REVisions: Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces from the Rev world Ah yes, that quiet time of spring when there’s not necessarily an awful lot going on in the kite world. National Kite Month (where I do hope some of you took the time to teach someone new how to fly a rev!) is over, and the summer festivals […]

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A Novice Position in the Mega-Grid

Issue 74: A Novice Position in the Mega Grid

100 Rev kites in a 10 x 10 stable grid formation…. That was the plan, but it came up 36 kites shy yet still broke the world record of 55 by a not-so-shabby margin of nine kites. There is no doubt that the current record of 64 will be broken and to do that Rev […]

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Issue 74: Washington State Intl Kite Festival (WSIKF)

Back to the Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF) one more time. Yes, it’s the third week of August again, which means WSIKF (Pronounced “Wiss-Kiff” by the locals). So – even though I’ve been planning to attend for about six months, it’s a pleasure to finally be on the road again. And this time, I’d […]

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Early action at the 2010 Fighter Kite Line Touch World Cup

Issue 74: Fighter Kite World Cup @ WSIKF

The 2010 Fighter Kite Line Touch World Cup took place on Friday, August 20 at Washington State International Kite Festival (WSIKF) in Long Beach, Washington. The weather outlook for Friday had been ominous all week, with showers predicted in the afternoon after a cloudy morning. So, imagine our surprise when the Friday morning dawned with […]

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Issue 74: Rev Mega Fly World Record @ WSIKF

What do you do when you have a huge expanse of beach and a large amount of Rev flyers in Long Beach, Washington? Why, you hold the biggest Rev party the world has ever seen! And what a party it was, a full week of great times, mostly great weather and happy faces everywhere you […]

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Issue 74: Washington State International Kite Festival Gallery

Photos by Takako Barresi

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Issue 73: REVisions: What to Expect in a Mega-Mega Fly

Here I sit, with really only one thing on my mind, much like it has been for weeks. No, it’s not a new Rev. It’s likely the biggest Rev spectacular ever conceived and it will be launched at the Washington State International Kite Festival, or as we affectionately refer to it, WSIKF! I’ve gone on […]

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Issue 68: REVisions – WSIKF

You see, we had this devious little plan. We’d sneak over to Long Beach a day earlier than the official start, and then we’d have the beach to ourselves! In fact, I’d left on Saturday specifically so we could get there at a nice time Sunday afternoon, after a stop at Chez Barresi to conspire […]

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