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The podium at WSKC

World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC 2012)

I arrived a day behind everyone else in France. My flight out of Portland boarded smoothly. We taxied out to runway, turned into the wind and the pilot hit the gas. But halfway down the runway, as the nose started to leave the ground, he hit the brakes hard. Red warning light!! Twenty years of […]

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WSKC 2012 is coming!

That’s right, the eighth World Sport Kite Championships is scheduled to take place during the 26th annual Berck sur Mer Kite Festival in Berck sur Mer, France on April 7-16… A grand total of 14 teams from six countries have confirmed, all coming to duke it out for the coveted championship title. The Championship consists […]

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Issue 73: World Sport Kite Championships

– Click here to read this report in Spanish – – Haga clic aquí para leer este informe en español – Once again the city of Berck Sur Mer received kitefliers from all over the world, especially because it was going to host the World Sport Kite Championships of dual line kite teams. Berck was […]

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Issue 71: Kites… Life.

Quite often, it seems like we’ve got more pans in the fire than one could possibly keep track of, but they all feel “right” if you know what I mean… As we work on projects in various areas of kiting, there always seem to be more ways we can get involved in growing and promoting […]

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Issue 60: World Sport Kite Championships

What can I say? World? Yes, 13 teams from 7 countries competed this year. Sport? Of course, it had fun, friendship and healthy competition. Kite? No dough, lots and lots of kites filled the sky of Berck sur Mer; not only dual line kites, revolutions, giants, KAP and everything you can imagine too. Championship? Oh […]

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2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 5

With a little wariness we woke up this morning, hoping to not here the howling of the wind against our window. And sure enough, Friday was a much quieter morning. That’s if you think of 10-15 mph winds as “quieter” but in comparision to the gale force winds of Day 3 that ended the day […]

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2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 4

High winds and land sailers on the beach last night, gave some preview of what was to come today…When we woke up this morning, we knew it was going to be more of a handful than the first day of competition, it was simply howling and ripping around outside our window, framed by a fairly […]

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2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 3

Somewhere in this sleepy little town, in a small shop along Rue Carnot, there is a wee little woman who probably gets a headache at the sight of us now. Every single time one of us wanders in, its a complete mishmash of communication, resulting in us paging through phrase books and thusly, badly mangling […]

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Sand storm

2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 2

When it comes down to the World Championships, it’s not an easy thing to win and conditions at the start of the competition ensured that it would be a tough goal today. It started off blowing over the buildings, coming from inland at about 8-10 mph, then turned around off the ocean varying from 15 […]

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2006 World Sport Kite Championships: Day 1

A bit under the weather this morning, perhaps something in the previous night’s dinner… We’ve certainly had our share of challenges so far this week, from blowing out all the power in our suite, to notebook power adapters left at home, to even something as straight forward as getting internet access. Something to note, even […]

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