Kite Lines – Vol. 1 No. 1 (Spring 1977)


The premiere edition, successor to Kite Tales as the quarterly journal of the American Kitefliers Association. Cover Story: Profile of kite and flight authority Paul Garber of the Smithsonian Institution, first curator of the National Air and Space Museum and director of Washington’s Kite Carnival; article by Valerie Govig, photos by Anneke Davis. Features: Paul Garber’s own review of a “Fantasy in Flight” kite exhibit in Manhattan skyscraper lobbies; Dave Checkley review of a kite display at the Festival d’Automne in Paris; Maxwell Eden’s Marconi jib kite (and reel) and a variant from Dr. James Duffin; Art Kurle on the joy of hot glue guns; Rowland Emett’s fanciful “Featherstone-Kite Openwork BasketWeave Mark Two Gentleman’s Flying Machine”; Tal Streeter on the big kite festivals of Japan-Hamamatsu, Shirone and Hoshubana; a spirited discussion on kite tails; a farewell letter from AKA founder Bob Ingraham and his wife, Hazel. Departments: Letter from the Editor: an introduction-and request-from Valerie Govig; Design Workshop: an outrigger kite from Ed Grauel; Kites Past: Clive Hart on early Japanese festivals; Ultimate Questions: Wyatt Brummitt on the basic kite categories; What’s New: Kites: the San Francisco Kite Factory Octopus and Mylar Star Octopus, Carol Rogallo’s Corner Kite, the Kung Flew fighter kite and several Mylar fighters, the Better Built Eagle and Biplane kites, and Stratton Air Engineering’s Wright Flyer kit; What’s New: Books: Blown Sky-High by Greger; News From Here & There: an obituary for the Rev. Kenneth Seim, AZ; Louis Denov on weighting kites and news from Long Beach, CA; Ray Fahrenbruck’s experiments on kites and reels, FL; Kitty Corti and her kite sales van, ME; the Maryland Kite Society’s display at the Baltimore City Fair; Charlie Sotich on the mile-long line on Bill Bigge’s Janus kite at the National Model Airplane Championships in Springfield, OH; Jack Van Gilder on the Washington Kitefliers Association, and a gallery show in Bellevue, WA; a remembrance of John Ray, WI, from Bob Ingraham; a preview and a comment on a proposed National Kite Day; a kite train record of 1,585 kites set by seven Japanese fliers; Kid’s Corner: Valerie Govig on the brown bag kite.


Cover Photo:

Photos by Anneke Davis catch Paul Garber at the Smithsonian’s new National Air and Space Museum (see story on page 18).

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