Kite Lines – Vol. 1 No. 4 (Winter 1977-78)


Cover Story (with photo by Anneke Davis of Carl Douglass Jewell’s tetra): A symposium on the many facets of the tetrahedral kite, including: Valerie Govig on their theatrics and perils, a wide collection of opinions and theories, Ed Grauel on simplified construction, Mel Govig and Rick Kinnaird on tests of the Synestructics model, and Michael Riley’s ideas for stackable tets. Features: England’s Jubilee Year-“A Rapture of Kites”-including Ron Moulton’s photos; Shirley B. Osborne’s gift of sleds and smiles for hundreds of kids, plus Mel Govig’s plans and tips on mass kitemaking. Departments: Letter from the Editor: What are kitefliers really like?; Design Workshop: Neil Thorburn’s Stacked Deltas; Kites Past: Clive Hart on dragon kites from history; What’s New: Kites: the Grandmaster fighter, a pair of dragon kites (the Silky and the Bug) and the Spinning Janny box kite; What’s New: Books: Create-A-Kite by the Editors of Consumers Guide, The Complete World of Kites by Thomas and Kites by Bloch-Lainé, Folon and Ghiringhelli; News From Here & There: John DeGange on organizing a state kitefliers association, CT; an obituary on Lincoln Chang, HI; Mel Govig on three fearless ice-skating fliers, MD; plans for commemorating the first transatlantic radio broadcast by Guglielmo Marconi, utilizing a kite-lifted aerial, and plans for an AKA chapter in Boston, MA; Wyatt Brummitt on Ed Grauel’s 20-foot-span delta, NY; the Grape Pickers’ Kite Fly at Wil-lo Lake Park in Geneva and other events of the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites; Pat Hammond’s kite exhibit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA; an obituary for Dr. Harry S. Abram, TN; Margaret Greger on kite workshops at the Pacific Region Aerospace Conference at Orcas Island, and TV coverage in Seattle of the Great Winds Kite Shop’s 16-ft carp kite and a Seattle Times feature on the Washington Kitefliers Association, WA; John Porter on his kite plans in Melbourne, and the Kite Fliers Association of South Australia’s second Public Kite Day in Adelaide; Wood Ellis on the 1977 Canadian National Exhibition Kite Festival; Dave Checkley on his annual kite tour of Japan; Flying With the Old Pro: Bob Ingraham on mailing kites safely.

Cover Photo:

Carl Douglass Jewell prepares his tetrahedral kite for a day of glory at the Smithsonian Kite Carnival in Washington, DC. Doug’s assembly system makes possible a variety of cell arrangements as well as easy transport.
Photograph by Anneke Davis . (Story on page 23 .)

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