Kite Lines – Vol. 2 No. 4 (Fall 1979)


Cover Story: A symposium: Monumentality in Kites (cover photo by Dave Checkley), including opinions on kite size from 23 fliers, a study by Pete lanuzzi of Japan’s giants and his own design for the “bedsheet O’dako.” Features: English lighthouse keeper Bill Trebilcock’s kite fishing rig. Departments: Letter from the Editor: Kite Lines and the AKA; What’s New: Kites: kites from Sri Lanka, (Dancing Cobra, Serendib Serpent, Flying Peacock, Flying Fish, Ceylonese Bird, Raven), Mandala Star and Soaring Wing; What’s New: Books: Kites, Kites, Kites by Mitton; Profile by Jack Van Gilder on Seattle’s Louise Crowley; For the Record: a traction feat across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and 6-yearold Angus White flying a 24-foot delta in London; News from Here & There: Bill Temple on the Chicagoland Sky Liners, IL; the Detroit Kite Kaleidoscope, MI; Art Foran flying with youngsters, MT; Jim Linnen on the Long Island Kitefliers Association participation in an Energy Options Expo, NY; reports from the Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites; Richard Robertson on his son John’s cancer battle and George Craig on the Southwest Modelers Show, TX; Stormy Weathers on the Seafair Kiteflying Festival in Seattle, WA; news from the Australian Kite Association, including Helen Bushell’s book, Four Standard Australian Kites; Garry Woodcock on the Canadian National Exhibition Kite Festival and the first newsletter of the Toronto Kitefliers; Tony Horan on the Irish Kitefliers Association; remembrances of Japan’s Shingo Modegi by his son Masaaki and Dave Checkley; Alfred Darmenia Gay on the Malta Kitefliers Group; Design Workshop: Art Kurle’s Super Conyne.

Cover Photo:

Real greatness in kites : a giant at Sagamihara, Japan, at the moment of launch, a spectacle that few would believe if it were not for the camera of David Checkley. The scene was shot in May of this year on the kite tour of Japan led by Checkley . Perhaps the picture partially answers some of the questions raised in our symposium on monumentality in kites (pages 19 to 34) . But such a kite somehow stands apart; it is an answer that does not need a question .

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