Kite Lines – Vol. 3 No. 1 (Winter 1979-80)


Cover Story: George Ham, San Francisco maker of parafoils par excellence, text and photos by Martin Dowling. Features: Tal Streeter profile of Andrew Jones, Ray Merry and the Flexifoil; Carl Poehler, Jr. report on the 1980 observance of the 150th anniversary of the giant kite of Sagamihara, Japan, and Paul Galloway on kites in Cambodia. Departments: What’s New: Kites: Satellite Kite, Roll-O-Kite, Sam da Vinci’s UFO, and a digression on the bull-roarer effect by Guy Aydlett; What’s New: Books: Kites and Kite Flying, by Lloyd; Design Workshop: the Shooting Arrow and Bull’s-Eye Target kite by Ed Grauel; Empty Spaces in the Sky: William Allison; Innovations: Stephen J. Robinson’s Facet Kite, with comments by Curtis Marshall; ’79 Events: Frances Weaver on high times in the Rockies, Mary Ames on the 1st annual Wright Kite Festival at Kill Devil Hills, NC, Louise Crowley on a a Shirone-styled Seattle festival, WA, and Valerie Govig on the AKA’s 2nd convention in Manassas, Virginia.

Cover Photo:

George Ham sews the “superstar” of his kite collection, the American Flag Parafoil . It’s the latest of 15 models he has made in a range of sizes and visual effects to stun onlookers at San Francisco’s Marina Green . Martin Payne Dowling tells the story in words and photographs (see pages 20-21).

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