Kite Lines – Vol. 3 No. 2 (Spring-Summer 1980)


Cover Photo: Jacques Fissier’s dragon-kite-at-sunset. Features: Valerie Govig profile of “the real Will Yolen;” Malcolm Russo on a patchwork Conyne and its 9-year-old flier; Bevan Brown’s variations on tetrahedrals; everything current about kite aerial photography, with Garry Woodcock, Bob Price, Stanley E. Crinklaw and Dale Fleener, plus rules and regulations of the 1st Kite Aerial Photography Contest of the Cerf-Volant Club de France; Bob Ingraham on the antique kites of George Hurtado; Dave Checkley on the world’s largest kite record set in Shirone, Japan; and Jack Van Gilder on how to bridle a giant Japanese. Departments: What’s New: Kites: the Skynasaur Stunter, four kites from Kites of the Four Winds, the Soaring Scimitar, Heart’s Delight sled and Spectra Star Spinnaker Diamond; What’s New: Books: Kites for Kids, by Marks; News from Here & There: Gerry Korn’s kite-selling legal problems in Fremont, Neil Thorburn on a Sunnyvale fly, and Donald Kent on the YMCA Festival in Orange, CA; Ray Fahrenbruck’s flying in Clearwater, FL; news of the Kite Society of Wisconsin; Helen Bushell on the Moomba Kite Fly in Melbourne, Australia; news of the Essex Kite Group, and Tessa Bell on Cornwall Kitefliers, England; and Doug Blakeslee on kites and the “bullet” trains of Japan.

Cover Photo:

Jacques Fissier is a photojournalist with a string of credits and a portfolio of experience that makes the jaw drop. But in addition to all that he is a lover of kites with the gift of inspiring others to the same love . You will know it when you read his writing in “Letters” (page 8). And you will know it from merely gazing at this issue’s cover photo, also the work of Jacques.

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