Kite Lines – Vol. 3 No. 4 (Winter-Spring 1981)


Cover: Delightful Dioppo, a photo/report by Jacques Fissier on France’s prestigious kite festival. Features: What is “Delta”? Valerie and Mel Govig on the delta kite, including a history of its origins and plans for five variations contributed by Ed Grauel, Al Hartig, Carol Master, Helen Bushell, Martin Powelland Bob Quinlivan, plus the classic proportions of Jack Van Gilder’s kite; Mel Govig on modifying delta behavior; Douglas Cann talking kites in Bangkok, Thailand; an international smorgasbord of kite clubs (a fourpage directory); Wait Whippo on a battle between kites and model airplanes. Departments: Letter from the Editor: Ouch!-The trials of magazine publishing; What’s New: Kites: the Ram soft kite, Mile High Kite Works’ Javelin Delta and Flare, Lois Clark’s Hurrikites and the Comet’s Tail delta-plus an update on reels and Mel Govig on the legendary Falcon kite; What’s New: Books: Better Kite Flying for Boys and Girls by Olney and Bush; Design Workshop: the Cambaflare by Tony Gilbey and a bonus foraged kite; For the Record: Dave Checkley on a new indoor duration mark (39 hr. 53 min.) set by Carl Brewer, Tom Sisson and Bob McCort in Seattle, WA; News from Here & There: Billy Davis on a GA visit from England’s Nick Morse and the formation of the Gone With the Wind Kite Club of Atlanta; New York City’s kite-busy East Meadow and a Go Fly a Kite bash in honor of Will Yolen; and kiteflying at Portland’s Waterfront Park, OR.

Cover Photo:

In the charming ambience of the old French village of Dieppe in Normandy, a great gathering of kiters occurs in September, 1980. The international sharing of witty and beautiful kites is perhaps well represented by Chantal Barret, Parisian kitemaker. Here she offers her delightful centipede to the sun. Photograph by Jacques Fissier.

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