Kite Lines – Vol. 4 No. 3 (Winter-Spring 1983)


Cover Photo: Cody kite at sunset by Frank McShane of Scotland. Features: Bill Bigge on The International Exposition of Small Kites; Margaret Greger on the joint creation of the Harpers Ferry One-Piece Delta; Bevan Brown’s Rokkaku Kite Team Challenge and Valerie Govig on the classic Sanjo proportions and techniques; Jon Burkhardt on flying in Britain’s most successful festival, at Blackheath, London; Oscar Bailey’s fold-out color photograph, “Detroit Panorama”; Valerie Govig on the 1982 AKA meeting; Judith Johnson on the kites of Trinidad; Larry Hoffman on the 7th annual Maebashi City (Japan) Kite Fly Contest; Stephen Huffstutler at the Coup de Vent dans le Prairie in Caen, France; Kathe and George Qualls on alternatives in kite greasing procedures; Mel Govig’s fighter kite follow-up. Departments: Letter from the Editor: Bob Ingraham missed at the AKA; What’s New: Kites: a new roundup of reels; What’s New: Books: Sárkányépités (Kitemaking), by Bodóczky; Design Workshop: the Peter Lynn Tri-D Box; Profiles: Valerie Govig on Adrian Conn of Canada; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Frank Watlington and Harry Booker; News from Here & There: Frances Weaver on a municipal kitefly in Pueblo, CO; the Ocean City Kite and Seafood Festival, MD; Laurie Katkowsky on kites at the Detroit/Montreaux Jazz Festival, MI; letters from Rick Kinnaird about the “Space Ship Aerial Sculpture” in NY; letters from Denis Trudel on formation of the Federation Quebeçoise of Kite; David and Erika Maher on the Irish Kiteflying Championships; Kin Kan Hsieh on the Taipei City Kite Competitions, Taiwan R.O.C.; For the Record: Greg Locke and Simon Carter’s traction record, England, the duration record of the Edmonds Community College Kite Team, WA, pursuit of longest kite-and-tail and largest delta, a kitepulled cross-Atlantic kayak effort and Valerie Govig on the Guinness Book of Records.

Cover Photo:

“Soft Wind, Big Sky for a Kiter” is part of a sequence of photographs taken on the east coast of Scotland by Frank G . McShane. The beautiful eight-foot red Cody kite was made by George Coombe of Buckinghamshire, England. Frank’s kite aerial photography will appear in a future Kite Lines. Frank says, “My main interest in life is photography and kiteflying . To combine both pursuits all at the same time is truly a delicious beverage.”

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