Kite Lines – Vol. 4 No. 4 (Summer-Fall 1983)


Cover Story: The artistic eye of Disney Studios designer and kitemaker Tyrus Wong (text by Valerie Govig, cover photo by Gary Galván). Features: Bill Bigge’s challenge for the 1984 International Exposition of Small Kites, and Bigge on the skills of crafting them very small; “The Day We Flew the Kites,” a classic Frances Fowler story from the 1940s; Luther Hux’s cut-out Columbia Space Shuttle kite; Anthony Turton on the shark-hunting kiters of the South African Kite Angling Association; Shakib Gunn on the Singapore International Kite Festival. Departments: Letter from the Editor: results of a Kite Lines survey; What’s New: Kites: Brooxes’ Boxes, the Peter Lynn Tri-D, the Waldof Superstar, the Columbia Star, the Star Facet and a pair of power sleds, the Parasled and the Paerodigm; What’s New: Sundries: a kite musical album by Maurizio Angeletti and a Smithsonian-produced 16-panel kite exhibit, “Colorful Kite Tales”; What’s New: Books: Kites: The Science and the Wonder by Ito and Komura, and Chinese Kites by Hsieh; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Steve Edeiken, Tan Siak Yam and David Turner; Design Workshop: “Georges” kite by Jean Pierre Vandierendonck; For the Record: the Edmonds (WA) Community College claim for world’s largest and 12-year-old Glenn Dalgliesh’s Ocean City (MD) achievement of most stunters flown; News from Here & There: Dave Checkley on Ha Yiqi of China; Terry Nichols on a memorial fly for Pat Vidan, Indianapolis Speedway flagman, IN: Mary Ames on the Wright Kite Festival, NC; “Sculpture in the Sky” at the Port of History Museum, Penn’s Landing, PA; Herman Wolsgaard-Iversen on the festival of the Kobenhavns Dragecenter (Copenhagen Kite Center), Denmark; Robert Koops on the Museum Society “kite klinics,” Nigeria.

Cover Photo:

Tyrus Wong smiles in his studio at Sunland, California, where he is surrounded by kites, materials and mementos of his life as a designer with Disney Studios . In his hands is an elliptical kite in rainbow colors, in the foreground a pair of fish line climbers, in the background one of his angel kites along with centipedes and parts of centipedes . (See more about Tyrus Wong on pages 30 to 33.) Photograph by Gary Galván.

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