Kite Lines – Vol. 5 No. 1 (Spring 1984)


Cover: Wassyoi! Wassyoi! The Shirone Giant Kite Battle, reported by Kazuo Tamura, translated by Dan Kurahashi. Features: Again, Bill Bigge’s challenge for the 1984 International Exposition of Small Kites, plus Bigge on Zen and the art of the yardstick balance (or achieving maxiaccuracy on a mini-budget); Bart Ripp on the kiteflier of the Isleta Pueblo Indian Reservation in New Mexico; Bruce Pfund on kite lines, which fly, too-including a list of sources; Grant Raddon on the Kite Retreat at Fort Worden, WA; Tom Horton on the mystery of the wind; George Peters on kite types-of people,. that is. Departments: Letter from the Editor: on kite safety and new staff member Leonard Conover; What’s New: Kites: an update on stunters, including the Action Kite, Apollo, Fokker DR-1, Griphon, Peter Powell, Phoenix Variant, Skyfox and Skysurfer; What’s New: Books: Super Kites Ii, by Thorburn, Kites and Other Wind Machines, by Thiebalt, The Kite Building & Kite Flying Handbook, by Wiley (famous worst kite book); Design Workshop: Dan Leigh on Alick Pearson’s Roller and the Round Pond Fliers of London, England, with a visit to the pond by William L. Bastendorf; Ultimate Questions: Valerie Govig on a consistent nomenclature for kites; Profiles: Laurence Fissier on Henri Huttges of Belfort, France; Kites Past: Paul Garber on the first kite magazine, Le CerfVolant, France, circa 1909; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Wyatt Brummitt, Alick Pearson and Louise Crowley; Best Of Show: collaborative box by Brooks Leffler and Jon Burkhardt, photo by D.Q. Williams, Jr.

Cover Photo:

A kite twists during a rescue effort in Shirone, Japan. One of some 200 kites made by 13 village teams, it will be intentionally destroyed in a five-day period of battle. The giants are built to tangle with opposing kites across a canal. Their ropes are then used for tugs-of-war between the villages. (See story on pages 20-22 .) Photograph courtesy the Shirone Giant Kite Battle Association.

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