Kite Lines – Vol. 6 No. 1 (Spring 1986)


Cover Story: A tale of two California festivals, including Rick Kinnaird at Long Beach and Valerie Govig at San Diego, with cover photo by Jacques Fissier of the dragon kite of Low Chin Nghee of Singapore, a guest flier at Long Beach. Features: The International Indoor Kite Efficiency Challenge by Bill Bigge; Valerie Govig on the Fokker International Kite Festival in Scheveningen, Netherlands, with Jacques Fissier photos; Departments: Letter from the Publisher: reflections upon 10 years of publication; What’s New: Kites: the Magic Delta from Air Fair Kites, the Altair from Kites of the Four Winds, Jerry Sinotte’s Magic Delta, Martin Lester’s Canada Goose, the Hexagon from Windborne Kites, the High Fly Kite Co. rokkaku, and six-winged and three-winged boxes from Tethered Aviation; What’s New: Books: CerfsVolants/Alles fiber Drachenbau/Kites by Carpenter and Bachelet, and Faites Vous-mêmes vos Cerfs Volants (Make Your Kites Yourself) by Legrand; Design Workshop: the Porous Portable Parakite by Dan Leigh (and originator Gilbert Woglom); Tips & Techniques: a new department, with short advice from Thomas Caldwell on his line spinners, John Waters on snap swivels and Kelly Johnson on his modified Flexifoil control rod; Ultimate Questions: Jacques Durieu with a sonogram and theory for kite line sound; Empty Spaces in the Sky: an appreciation of Will Yolen by Rick Kinnaird; Quickites: Mel Govig on the J-(7.5 x 2) parafoil; Clubwatch: worldwide news; For the Record: a follow-up on Guinness records, a duration mark by Carl Brewer, Tom Sisson and Bob McCort in Seattle, WA, Charlie Sotich and John Waters on beach “skiing” and Herman van den Broek’s observations on the Longest Kite record; Best of Show: Peter Lynn’s Dragonfly, photo by Jacques Fissier.

Cover Photo:

Low Chin Nghee, Dragon-Maker of Singapore, holds his beast with gloved hands at the Singapore International Kite Festival 1985. The 145 unites ripple with color for a distance of about 100 meters (about 330 feet) into the sky. Later in the year, Low and his dragon fly at the Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach, then the dragon attends the AKA convention in San Diego, CA. (see pages 56-58). Photographs by Jacques Fissier.

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