Kite Lines – Vol. 6 No. 2 (Summer 1986)


Cover Story: “People Socks,” the fabric human figures of Oscar and Sarah Bailey, by Valerie Govig, photos by Oscar Bailey. Features: From Bill Bigge, the International Indoor Kite Efficiency Challenge; One Sky, One World, Jane Parker-Ambrose’s kite dream of peace; Roger Hyde on criteria for team-flown kite battles, plus announcement by Martin Lester of the International Rokkaku Kite Challenge trophy; Mike Carroll and Valerie Govig on the East Coast Stunt Kite championships in Wildwood, NJ. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: reflections on One Sky, One World; What’s New: Kites: two tumbling kites-The Star from Rainbow Kite Co. and Clarke’s Crystal from Windy Kites-and a pair of new designs from Kitecraft, the Tri-Star box and Skyray Delta; What’s New: Books: The Klutz Book of Knots by Cassidy, Kite Photography by Murooka and Kiteworld by Roberts; Tips & Techniques: Dan Leigh’s no-wobble Woglom and Mel Govig’s solution for split spar ends; Design Workshop: the Brandes Flare, by Ray Brandes; Ultimate Questions: a trio of simple pleasures from Dan Leigh, a basic delta, sled and Indian fighter; In the Wind: a new department of kite news, rumors and miscellany; Club Watch: on Japan’s oldest kite groups; For the Record: world’s largest Cody in Italy, 155 Hyperkites in California and the Chicago Hook & Ladder Flexifoil Train by Bill Werme; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Benn Blinn, Irene Garber and James Lambrakis; Best Of Show: Superbird kite and photo by Helen Bushell.

Cover Photo:

Of all the artistic creations of Oscar and Sarah Bailey, none is more delightful than their People Socks, wind-filled fabric sculpture in the form of human beings. Like so much of the Bailey’s work, the People Socks entertain and educate at the same time. Read about the Bailey’s UFOs (Umbilical Flying Objects) on pages 47-52. Cover photographs by Oscar and Sarah Bailey.

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