Kite Lines – Vol. 6 No. 4 (Summer-Fall 1987)


Cover Story: The Song Hong kites of Buriram, Thailand, part of the Pattaya International Kite Festival, by Valerie Govig (cover photo by Alberto Cassio). Features: Rules for the International Indoor Kite Efficiency Challenge in Washington, DC, by Bill Bigge; Corey Jensen on flying kites down Baja way; Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on passing a circulation milestone; What’s New: Kites: Liddell Aviation’s Giant Diamond, three birds from Sky Delight (the Cockatoo, Eagle and Parrot) and Dinosaur Kite’s Quetzalcoatlus Northropi; What’s New: Books: Drachen bauen (Kite Making) by Backes and Wir bauen Drachen (Let’s Make Kites) by Winkel; Kitechnology: Phil Modjeski on heat-sealing plastics, Anne Sloboda on coloring nylon and an update from Frank Kieser on safely cutting boron; Design Workshop: the Sher-Bird delta-Conyne by John Sherburne; Stunt Diary: a new department, with Valerie Govig at the East Coast Stunt Kite Championships, Wildwood, NJ; Quickites: Margaret Holzbauer and Jack Van Gilder on making Sisson sleds with groups of children; Ultimate Questions: Leonard Conover and William Rutiser on determining critical kite angles; In the Wind: a proposed International Kite Crematory Society plus other news; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Tony Cyphert and Ansel Toney; For the Record: mostkites-on-a-line in Japan, Dan Eisaman kiting across Lake Michigan, stunt kite speed in Oregon and 1,141 figure-eights in one hour in France; Best of Show: the Doppio Esagono of Silvio Maccherozzi, photo by Jacques Fissier.

Cover Photo:

Kiters from Buriram prepare to fly one of several song hong kites made especially for the Pattaya International Kite Festival in Thailand. Equipped with multiple hummers and long flowing tails, such kites have been flown for centuries in the northeastern province to celebrate the rice harvest and ensure future crops and weather. This model beckons visitors to the “land of ancient arts & culture.” Photograph by Alberto Cassio. See page 54 for more.

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