Kite Lines – Vol. 7 No. 2 (Winter 1988-89)


Cover Story: The 1988 World Kiting Festival in Tasmania, Australia with cover photo of Michael Alvares, text and photos by Simon Freidin. Features: Valerie Govig and Bill Bigge on the International Indoor Kite Efficiency Challenge in Washington, DC; Nop and Michele Velthuizen on their bicycle/kite/aerial photography travels; Valerie Govig at the Washington State International Kite Festival in Long Beach; a primer by Dave Culp on speedsailing with kites; Peter Voisey at the 4th annual Touch the Sky Kite Flying Extravaganza in Ottawa, Canada; Valerie Govig at the 7th annual Mackinaw City Kite Fest, MI. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: how to enjoy kiteflying; What’s New: Kites: the Millestelle and Gemini by Maurizio Angeletti, the Olympic Hexagons from Omega Kites and four fighters-the Butterfighter and Butterflier from Sky Delight, the Karl Szilagi Indian and the Carlisle Kiteworks Indian; What’s New: Books: Fotograferende Vliegers (Picturetaking Kites) by Velthuizen and Van der Loo and The Kite Store Book of Kites by Cottrell; Tips & Techniques: Rudolf Hemmelrath’s kite/hike backpack; Design Workshop: the Illusive Tumbling Blocks of Peter Lerro; ClubWatch: KAPWA honors Batut in France, new Italian clubs form; In the Wind: Jane Ambrose on a Rambo kite routine, other news; For the Record: most stunters, most figure-eights and largest stunter in Ocean City, MD, stunt marks by brand models, and a New York attempt at a record mass launch; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Dave Checkley remembered by Jack Van Gilder; Best of Show: bird kite and photo by Beth Matthews.

Cover Photo:

Michael Alvares flies the multi-celled box he made from panels painted by Australian children to celebrate their country’s 200th birthday. Photographs by Simon Freidin.

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