Kite Lines – Vol. 8 No. 3 (Spring 1991)


Cover Photo: The 1,200-seam cellular kite of Italy’s Silvio Maccherozzi. Features: David Gomberg on kite pin collecting; Tal Streeter on the whistling kites of Nantong, China; William G. Wing on estimating angles of flight; David G. Dobbs on a 4th of July kite memory. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on the environmental aspects of kiting; What’s New: Kites: a fistful of fighters, including the Black Feather, Martin Lawrence’s Merlin fighter and Stan Swanson’s Japanese Bee; What’s New: Books: Go Fly a Kite by Boxtel, Fly Kites by Pelham and Tezukuri Omoshiro, Dako Nyumon (A Primer of Interesting Handmade Kites) by Ohashi; Design Workshop: the Wind Shot stunt kite by Mark Lohrey; Tips & Techniques: Mel Semler’s “Flying Wedge” line lock and Simon Freidin’s line ascender; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Alfred E. Hartig and Henry H. Boutwell; For the Record: Tony Sparrow on the world’s longest kite flying in Monpellier, France, with inside commentary from Michael Trouillet; In the Wind: kites on museum display in Western Australia and other news; Best of Show: the crane kite train of Eiji Ohashi, photo by Takashi Ohashi.

Cover Photo:

Silbio Maccherozzi of Parma, Italy, sets aloft his kite, named #1200 senza orli (excluding helms). The name refers to the number of internal seams, not counting the sewn hems! Photographed by Franco Piccoli at the summer palace of Maria Luigia at Colorno, near Parma. (See story on page 57)

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