Kite Lines – Vol. 8 No. 4 (Summer-Fall 1991)


Cover: The great kites of Japan, as chronicled in a 12-stop tour by Pierre Fabre. Features: How to fight a rokkaku kite battle, by Rick Kinnaird and the Kite Lines staff; a Simon Freidin journal: from the Cervoling Kite Festival in Le Touquet France, the Kite Society of Great Britain Convention and Weymouth International Kite Festival and the Thamesdown Kite Festival in Swindon, England. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: assessing the stunt kite survey; What’s New: Kites: more fighters, namely the GA Fighter from Carlisle Kites, the George Peters Indian/Hata, the AstroFighter from Goodwinds, Factor Kites’ Righteous Fighter, and the Challenge Rokkaku from Carlisle; What’s New: Books: Art That Flies by Streeter and Houk, Kite Crazy by Thomas, Kites: 24 Designs by Rust, Fishing for Angels by Evans, Stuntfliegers: Bouwen en Besturen (Stunt Kites: To Make and Fly) by Van der Horst and Velthuizen, and three new editions-Stunt Kites! by Gomberg, Arte en el Cielo (Art Kites) by Eubel and Matsumoto and Super Kites III by Thorburn; Tips & Techniques: vinyl tubing ideas: attachments by Allan Thompson, clamps by Pete lanuzzi, and drilling holes and coloring it by Elmo Weeks; Design Workshop: the Obtuse Tetra, by Bill Kocher; Stunt Diary: Valerie Govig on the East Coast Stunt Kite Competition and Roger Hyde on “Less Than Advertised” in Huntington Beach, CA; In the Wind: Gomberg’s “Bouffant Scale” for gauging wind speed, other news; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Cris Batdorff, Don Dunford, Bill Everett and Domina Jalbert; SkyGallery (a new department, featuring several kites by one maker): Peter Malinski kites, photos by Malinski and Birgit Sowern.

Cover Photo:

A Japanese rokkaku can be at once classic and new, reliable and exciting, stable and maneuverable. The example on our cover, made by Morihiro Takeda, is of ripstop and graphite. Photographed at launch near the Area River in Tokyo, Japan, by Pierre Fabre.

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