Kite Lines – Vol. 9 No. 1 (Winter 1991-92)


Cover Story: The 1991 AKA convention in Jacksonville, FL, with cover photo by Valerie Govig of Bobby Stanfield’s winning kite. Features: Anne Sloboda on painting ripstop; Marianne Nielsen on Ventomania in Gubbio, Italy, with Pietro Livi photos. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: measuring the recession’s effect on kiting; Whars New: Kites: the Rotating Box of Professor Waldof, the Angelfish and Sunfish from Sky Delight, the Team and Chorus Line Leg kites of Martin Lester, and a postscript on the AstroFighter by Goodwind’s; What’s New: Books: Edo Dako Dai Zenshu (The Big Complete Book of Edo Kites) by Modegi and Phantastische Drachenwelt (Fantastic Kiteworld) by Schimmelpfennig; Design Workshop: The Painless Parafoil by Hugh (Stretch) Tucker; Tips & Techniques: two ground tethers, from Russell Jolly and Michael Graves/Skye Morrison, an appliqué ripper and a typewriter ribbon hummer; Stunt Diary: Roberto Guidori at the International Sprint Kite Toshiba, in Cervia, Italy and Richard Synergy teaching kites in Poland; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Teizo Hashimoto and Horace J. (Hod) Taylor; For the Record: at Ocean City, MD, the largest rokkaku and largest box kite, plus a proliferation of wacky claims; In the Wind: the Cielo Encantado Fiesta in Silver City, NM and other news; SkyGallery: Roberto Guidori kites, photos by Guidori and Jayne Edwards.

Cover Photo:

Bobby Stanfield of Tustin, California stands tall and proud as he holds up his Grand National Championship creation at the AKA convention in Jacksonville, Florida. Built with dayglow nylon and illuminated by strobe lights at night, the kite is brilliant even in gloomy weather. But its primary asset is weight, so little that Bobby flies by coolly twitching the line while others sweat and race. Photograph by Valerie Govig.

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