Kite Lines – Vol. 9 No. 3 (Fall 1992)


Cover Story: Kiting in Europe: The Coloriamo I Cieli in Castiglione del Lago, Italy, by Valerie Govig, plus side trips by Mel Govig to – Barcelona’s Euro-Olympic Kite Festival and Le Cervoling in Le Touquet,` France, and Joel Scholz at the Dove Soffia it Vento (Where the Wind Blows) festival in Ostia, Italy; Features: an historical reenactment-flying a kite across Niagara Falls-by Valerie Govig with the Canadian side told by Ilene Atkins; William Wing on line untangling, with illustrations and a side story by George Peters. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: a kite patent controversy in France; What’s New: Kites: genki by Omega, Gaia Gifts’ Flutterbys and the Grumman Gulfhawk from Coast Kites; What’s New: Books: Skywork Experience by Christine Schertel; Design Workshop: the Featherlight by Pete lanuzzi; Tips & Techniques: no-tangle bridle sleeves from Bill Tyrrell and a stitchless tail from Wilf Proctor; Stunt Diary: Mel Govig at the East Coast Stunt Kite Championships in Wildwood, NJ; Innovations: the Arch Ribbon of Étienne Veyres, by Gérard Clément and Pierre Fabre with an historical commentary by Valerie Govig; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Ed J. St. John; In the Wind: Charles Dunton’s winning rokkaku at the Wright Kite Festival, NC, other news; SkyGallery: Kim Petersen.

Cover Photo:

Fiorenzo Galeotti of Urbania, Italy, awaits the wind at Castiglione del Lago with two of his hand-painted kites. Their designs are from ceramic plates that were rare love gifts of the 15th century, known only to Urbania. Photograph by Valerie Govig. (See story, page 26.)

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