Kite Lines – Vol. 10 No. 1 (Spring 1993)


Cover Story: The soul-lifting kites of Guatemala, an All Saints Day tradition, article and photos by Michael P. Tourigny. Features: Pierre Fabre on an auction of celebrity-made rokkakus to raise money against AIDS in France; making a family of fighter kites by Ed Alden; Simon Freidin on the 2d West Java International Kite Festival; a grab bag of astute kite travel advice, with cartoons by George Peters; kite aerial photography from Ireland by Yves Rameaux. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on common traits of kiters; Design Workshops: The Propeller quad-line stunter, by Hans Frydendall and the Otto Pilot stunt figure by Bill Paxton; What’s New: Kites: a roundup of kite kits, including the Paper Bag kite and Frustrationless Flyer from Great Winds, the Pocket Kite Kit from Catch the Wind, the Two-Stick from Ino the Wind and the Eagle and Osprey from Jackite; What’s New: Books: … und sie Fliegen Heute Noch-Geschichte und Geschichten um den Drachen ( …and they Still Fly Today-History and Tales About Kites) by Snoek, Lenkdrachen-ABC (The ABC of Stunt Kites) by Rocker, and book news and forecasts; In the Wind: two stunters joined at the tail and other news; Tips & Techniques: hem sewing tips and a sewing machine speed oordml from Francesco S. Ventimiglia and Cinzia Foschini, a cure for flapping keels from Maurizio Angeletti and a quick kite tether from Lee Sedgwick; Quickites: the Texas No-Wind Kite by C.W. (Bill) Mosley; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Leland Toy and Alex Dunton; SkyGallery: Jørgon Møller Hanson kites, photos by Hansen, Niels Ole Bak, Paul Mordin, Mel Govig and Drachen Design.

Cover Photo:

A giant kite is prepared for launch over the graves of Santiago Sacatepéquez, Guatamala on November 1st. Photograph by Michael P. Tourigny. (Story on page 36.)

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