Kite Lines – Vol. 10 No. 2 (Summer-Fall 1993)


Cover Story: Kites in the shadows of the pyramids, with Pierre Fabre in Cairo, Egypt. Features: István Bodóczky of Hungary, professor of asymmetrical kites, a profile by Valerie Govig; shocks bumps and thrills in India, with Jon Burkhardt and Frits Jansma; Mel Govig on the 68th Sac City (IA) Kiwanis Kite Tournament, the oldest kite meet in the United States. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on politics in kiting; What’s New Kites: the Hornet by Merlin Kites, the 2nd Wind from WindWorks Kinetic Kites and Martin Lester’s Whale and Hawk; Innovations: the Magic Balancer of Eiji Ohashi; ‘ What’s New: Books: Drachen mit Geschichte-Historische Modelle zum Selberbauen (Kites With History-Historic Models to Make Yourself) by Diem and Schmidt, Soft Kites and Windsocks by Jim Rowlands, Stunt Kite Basics by Synergy, The Usborne Book of Kites by Mayes, Manuale Practico per il Volo degli Aquiloni Acrobatici (A Practical Manual for Acrobatic Kites) Sanvito and Galli, and book news and forecasts; ‘ Stunt ” Diary: Valerie Govig on flying on ice, with Lee Sedgwick and Sue Taft’s seven rules for safe power kiting; Design Workshop: the Cross Deck cellular kite by Carl Crowell; For the Record: a new largest delta in Texas, a buggy speed mark in Wales, a Flexifoil stack record and the largest Bol (spinning ring) in France; Tips & Techniques: dipping fiberglass rods from Alice Hayden, using shrink tubing on spar ends from Elmo Weeks and a good scissors for appliqué work from Mel Govig; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Maurice Kadohond Ivan Toney; In the Wind: kite exhibits in Holland and Washington and other news; SkyGallery: Tony Wolfenden kites, photos by Wolfenden, Penelope Hunt and Les O’Rourke.

Cover Photo:

Among the visitors at the promotional kitefly in Egypt, some fly on horseback. Most of the kites are traditional paper hexagonals. Photograph by Pierre Fabre. (Story on page 52.)

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