Kite Lines – Vol. 11 No. 2 (Winter-Spring 1995)


Cover Story: The spirit of Dieppe, with Simon Freidin at the 8th Biennial International Kite Festival, including cover photo of Aimé Barsalou. Features: Simon Freidin at the Lawrence Hargrave Centenary Fly in Australia (with Helen Bushell photos); Drakfesten ’94, the kite fly in Stockholm, by István Bodóczky with photos by Beppe Arvidson and Marton Cserny; Pierre Fabre on kite buggy activities in France, with a roundup of buggy news elsewhere; ‘The Kitemaker of Hiroshima” by Tal Streeter; 7-year-old stunt flier Alex Mason of Savannah, GA, by Steve McKerrow with photos by Debbie Rosen McKerrow; choosing spars, including a comprehensive comparison chart and source list, by Michael Graves. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: a plea to the Smithsonian to display kites; Design Workshop: the Baby Cicada by Randy Shannon (Mel Govig and Michael Graves writers); What’s New: Kites: the Speed Limit from Aerodrone, the Tandem Mosquito from Cerfs-Volants Azur, the ProSpeed by Flexifoil, a tie-dyed rokkaku from High as a Kite, Frank Schwiemann’s fighter bat, the Genki from Carlisle Kiteworks and the Bobby Stanfield Eddy; Profile: the one-man circus named Roger Maddy, by Brian Clark with Creda Axton photos; What’s New: Books: Ravensbourne to Airborne: Aspects of Lawrence Hargrave’s Contribution to the Science of Aeronautics and Construction Drawings for a Selection of Kites Designed by Lawrence Hargrave by Craddock and books news including brief reviews of Pedalling Unknown Paths by Velthuizen-de Vries and Cuentos Poemas y Cometas (Stories, Poems & Kites) by Escalante; Kitechnology: making kites with adhesives, by Dick Curran with Ron Petralito illustrations; It Works for Me: quad-line hand warmers from Steve Polansky and a better sled bridle from John Clarke; For the Record: Duncan McEvoy on record numbers of parabears skydiving in Australia; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Low Chin Nghee; In the Wind: a copyright judgment in The Netherlands and other news; SkyGallery: Scott Skinner kites, photos by Skinner, Joe Manfredini and John M. Roberts.

Cover Photo:

Aimé Barsalou of St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada carries his inventive three-dimensional creations to the field at the Dieppe International Kite Festival, France (see story on page 36). Longtime enthusiast Barsalou typifies the commitment and good humor of this grand event. Photograph by Simon Freidin.

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