Kite Lines – Vol. 11 No. 3 (Summer-Fall 1995)


Cover: “The Chicago Bulls” of Curaçao (cover photo by Mel Govig) and a roundup of international festivals: Simon Freidin in New Zealand, Mel Govig in Curaçao, Pierre Fabre and George Peters in Israel, Mel Govig in Italy and Valerie Govig in Canada. Features: A chronology of kite art exhibits around the world; Valerie Govig on the Smithsonian Kite Festival; an interview with kitemaker Steve Brockett of Wales by Pierre Fabre; Craig Wilson on the art of aerial photography. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: on kiting’s big wide world of festivals; What’s New: Kites: the Air Ballet and Airobatic from Tight Lines Kites, the Symphony quad-line by MerricKites, the Maxima by New Tech Sports, the Da Vinci Flying Machine by Coast Kites, Trlby’s Little Square and 4-Foot Delta and Martin Lester’s Top Half; What’s New: Books: Drachen: Spiele mit dem Wind (Kites: Playing with the Wind) by Rainer Neuner plus book news; Ultimate Questions: Paul Siemsen on “What Is a Kite?”; Design Workshop: the Playsail and Windbow of George Peters; It Works for Me: Adrian Pierorazio’s drop mechanism for parachuting teddy bears and Walter Brick’s use of paper clips as line connectors; For the Record: the Atlantic kite crossing by Nicole Van de Kerchove; In the Wind: new activity at the Ayr & Space Museum and other news; SkyGallery: Pierre Fabre kites, photos by Fabre and Icare.

Cover Photo:

“The Chicago Bulls”, they call themselves – an enthusiastic neighborhood team in Curaçao, here posing with their big kite at the Curaçao International Kite Festival in April 1995. Photograph by Mel Govig.

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