Kite Lines – Vol. 11 No. 4 (Winter-Spring 1996)


Cover Story: The kites of Nepal, by Stephen C. Lowe and Nirmal M. Tuladhar, with beautiful photos by Lowe. Features: (new series) Post cards from David Gomberg: report from Fanø in Denmark; reader response to the question, “What Is a Kite?”; mushing in Greenland behind kites, not dogs, by Eric Phillips; Ed Grauel on a history of kite patents, with advice on how to get one; a roundtable meeting of kiters in Mallorca, by Tal Streeter with photos by Falko Haase; profile of Stan Rogers skiing the beach in OR, by Steve McKerrow with Debbie Rosen McKerrow photos; Mel Govig with the lovable kites-and kiters-of Düsseldorf. Departments: Letter from the Publisher: Mel Govig asks for kiters to work with kids; Design Workshop: the Tekaweya stunter by Michael Graves and Ilene Atkins; What’s New: Kites: the Silencer from Tory Tako, the quad-line Prowler from Cosmic Kites, the Jam Session from HQ Kites, the Mighty Mite fighter by Jordan Ayr and Le Frog from Inflight; What’s New: Books: The Tao of Kiteflying by Van Veen, China Kites by Liu Zhen, and book news; For the Record: Peter Lynn’s Megabyte claims largest kite, the big show at Epcot, a “world’s smallest” effort by Kel Krosschell, and a roundup of other marks: multiple kites in WA, a windsock in France, buggy speed in Wales, box kites in train in Australia and kites and skis in Antarctica; It Works for Me: line “hook-ups” from Alan Bole and a spar puller from Dominick Furlano; Special Guest: Peter Rieleit on the dynamics of soft’ kites; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Bob Ingraham and James White; In the Wind: the Trashed-by-Peter Lynn kite club and other news; SkyGallery: Tom McAlister kites, photos by McAlister and Pam Lim.

Cover Photo:

A “kite shop” in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal where fighter kites are flown from rooftops during Dasain, the fall harvest festival. (See story on page 36). Photograph by Stephen C. Lowe.

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