Kite Lines – Vol. 12 No. 1 (Summer 1996)


Cover Story: The Isegran Dragefestival in Fredrikstad, Norway, a party of kite sharing, article and photos by Mel Govig. Features: Kite fishing in Indonesia, by Eiji Ohashi; the Kite Festival at Berck-sur-Mer, France, by Craig Wilson with photos by Wilson and David Gomberg; St. Elmo’s Fire on kite lines, by Jan Fischer; a Kite Lines survey of power kites, with comparison chart, by Jim Welsh and team, plus a profile of traction kite inventor Ted Dougherty and reports on the Buggy Boogie Thang 2 in CA from Andrew Beattie and an update on kitesailing from Peter Lynn; David Gomberg asks, “Is Pin Collecting Dead?”; Departments: Letter from the Publisher: thoughts on creativity in kites; Innovations: the Euro-Baleno by Claudio Capelli; Design Workshop: the Fold Black by Andreas Ågren; What’s New: Kites: the three-line 333 from Guildworks Flight Studios, the X4i from Buena Vista Kite Company, the Spec by Jordan Ayr, the Gyro-Kite by Gyro-Kite, the Ghost by Nick James and the Marilyn (Monroe) from Sky Delight Kites; What’s New: Books: Sport Kite Magic! by David Gomberg, Aerial Photographs Taken From a Kite by De Beauffort and Dusariez, Photographie Aérienne avec Cerf-Volant (Kite Aerial Photography) by Becot, The World on a String and the 1991 Kite Pin Invitational by Ruhe and Fujino; It Works for Me: a “Flexi-Flip” technique from Glen Rothstein and adjustable quad-line handles from Norman Ferkin; In the Wind: the Olympic dove kites by Jackite and other news; For the Record: most kites in an arch ribbon in Australia and three indoor records in England; Empty Spaces in the Sky: Raymond P. Holland, Jr., Clyde T. Smith, Juan Figueroa, Elmer G. Wharton, George C. Wilcox, Jr. and Pat York Gilgallon; SkyGallery: Michael Goddard kites, photos by Michael, Fran and Harry Goddard.

Cover Photo:

Trooping through the streets of Fredrikstad, Norway are some of the least inhibited kitefliers you will ever meet. It’s a great August event (see story on page 36). Photograph by Mel Govig.

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