Issue 1: Like Kite Flying? Join a Club!

You started with a beginner stunt kite or maybe a small single line kite. Soon you moved up to an intermediate kite, bought some line laundry (although you might not call it that yet) and begin to think of your trips to the beach as a chance to fly kites instead of the just something to do while you are there.

The next step in your kiting involvement will be getting to know other kiters beyond the kite shops you find yourself drawn to. The most obvious place to meet those friendly folks is in the local kite club. Those who have gathered together in clubs to share kiting tend to be the most outgoing and gracious types who enjoy the company of other kite fliers.

In concert with regional and national organizations and hopefully the help of the local kite stores, local kite clubs sponsor kite flying events such as monthly fun flies and major kite festivals. Clubs meet regularly at the time of these events for potluck dinners, raffles & auctions sometimes including a little business and education. The kite club’s newsletter and website serve as the cement that binds the kiting community together. Usually the small annual club dues cover the cost of the newsletter and bring the surprising benefit of entitling members to discounts at local kite shops.

Personally speaking after five years of kiting, kite fliers and especially kite club members have become the most important “friends” in my life. So “Join the Club” in your area of the world and find out what you have been missing.

On Washington’s North Coast:

The North Coast Sky Painters Kite Club
Meeting the second Saturday of every month at the Ocean City Lions Club

On Washington’s Central Coast:

The Westport Windriders Kite Club
Meeting the fourth Saturday of every month at the Westport Coast Guard Museum

Both Clubs are affiliated with the Washington Kitefliers Association and the American Kitefliers Association and meet at 6 PM standard and 7 PM daylight time (Pacific Time) after the fun fly for potluck dinner, raffle, auction and kite hijinks.