Issue 2: Kites….Life…

Greetings! First, we would like to thank you for the great response to the first issue of Kitelife. Traffic to the site was greater than expected, and the dozens of messages of support that we received were very much appreciated. For the first three weeks we have tallied over 100,000 hits on the site.

We said from the beginning that we would respond to reader requests and suggestions, because, after all, this is YOUR magazine – BY and FOR kitefliers. These next few ideas were sent to us by readers.

Several have suggested a zipped version of the magazine available for download. I am pleased to report that this feature is coming this month. Our European readers pay for each megabyte that they download, so obviously this will make it less expensive for them to enjoy Kitelife. Also, down the road we may have a CD-ROM available.

Three readers asked what kind of items they could submit to the ‘zine. That is an easy one! If you have some knowledge of a kite-related subject that you have not seen covered adequately here, write an article! This magazine will only survive as long as we have fresh and interesting things to report. Also, we are always looking for pictures for the Gallery, and news bits for the Bongo Hotline, so feel free to send them via our contact page.

Several people wrote in with suggestions for the Kitelife store. We will have t-shirts, hats, and pins soon, keep checking back. Also, Kitelife banners will be available for purchase.

Editor’s note: Kitelife memorabilia is now available!

Reader feedback is always appreciated, make sure to let us know what you would like to see, and what you can contribute.

If you enjoy Kitelife, please show your appreciation by supporting our sponsors and subscribing to Kitelife Magazine. They are the ones making this all possible for you, for without the support of Cutting Edge Kites and Avia Sport Composites, we would not be here.



Mike Gillard

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Sharon Musto

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Mike Woeller

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Dick Barnes, Peter Hugger


Troy Gunn, Chong Whye Keet, Mark Lummas, Rich Miller, Graeme Poole, Bert Tanaka, Peter Hugger, Jeremy Boyce, Hans Jansen op de Haar, Bob White, Collette Lemons, Bob Pebly

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