Issue 2: Picture Gallery


Dan Carey sent us this great picture of himself, posing with his first kite. Anyone else have a similar picture of themselves?

And here’s Dan today…

David Hathaway, aka “Monkey Boy”

Flying Revs in Hawaii, tough life David…

Ray Williams, Darlington SC

A very nice rokkaku that Ray made, and a picture of the world’s scariest team – Robert Hawkins, Ray Williams and Frank Cook.

Mike Dallmer

Mike with one of his beautiful 3-D Dragon kites.

Eddie Zihlman, Austin TX

Kids feeling the power of the wind, with Eddie’s 10′ Bol. In our opinion, Eddie displays all that is good about kiting…always ready to share, especially with children and those new to our hobby. A true ambassador for our sport.

Dru Nelissen

The most beautiful Rev stack we have seen.

Collette Lemons

Curtiss Mitchell flying his Deca inside the MegaByte

Curtiss Mitchell flying inside the “Megabyte”