Issue 6: BIOS Family Picnic

Photos by Kenny Killingsworth

We arrived early in the morning the day of the picnic to see what we would need to set up. We were promised a tent and volunteers a lot of space, you know the usual spiel. Much to our amazement we had a tent, boxes of prizes to give away and volunteers all day long and a huge area to fly on. It was kite flier heaven and we were in it. They could not do enough for us, we had free food and drinks.

The area of the picnic was set up all around the lake and they used hay rides for taxi service. There were carnival rides and free games of chance for prizes – everyone’s a winner. The day was cool and clear, what could be more perfect? The fireworks at the end were just the best. They put a lot of effort in this and it showed. Everyone was lined up to ride the Ferris Wheel because the kites looked so cool from the top. We were a very popular attraction.

This event is set up for the handicapped people and their families. Everything was wheelchair accessible. To give you some background, BIOS is the company that provides home care and job support for the specially abled. Each year they budget for a huge one day blow out and this year we were lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of it.

This was a non-alcohol event but I thought I would mention BEER anyway, although we mostly had margaritas in cups.

Hilcrest brought in their helicopter and although we had the most room, they landed it on the Glue Dobbers RC Planes little flying field so we could fly all day long no matter what. Boy did we have a wonderful time.

Other entertainment was RC Cars – they were fun to watch and they raced all day. There were pony rides with a ramp built up so they could easily transfer from the chairs to the horse and back. Like I said, well thought out.

RC Boats were supposed to be there but they didn’t show up. No matter, Zebco had fishing set up on the dock so there was still plenty to do.

We had a great showing and although I can’t mention everyone I would like to mention Mac Carder from Kansas and David Gates from Arkansas came and added much to our display and I would like to thank them. We had so many show up, it was perfect. We received a huge plaque for being a main attraction and it was very nice. I hope we get asked back again and maybe more fliers will be able to attend.