Issue 7 – Kiting News

compiled from staff and reader submissions

Help a Reader

Lisa Stambaugh recently wrote us the following letter, which made me shudder. Imagine if this happened to you!

    “I thought maybe you could help me out. My kite bag was stolen from my car last week. I’m sure it was a random act and certainly not a kite flyer. I thought by chance the thief might advertise on the web and that maybe one of your viewers might come across the ad.
    I’m missing stunt kites–a new lollipop MEFM, one of Ed Shenks prism designs, and a custom Wild Child , purple and orange with “made for Lisa” written on it by Peter Betancourt. I’m also missing a 6ft. rok in pink, orange, and yellow with RATS appliqued on it (Not an inconspicuous kite) and a white with pink, orange and yellow designed fighter kite, custom made by Ed Shenk.The stitching is pink hearts. Speaking of hearts, mine is torn out with the theft of my kites. Of course my bag is missing with all its accessories. The bag is purple with pink pockets. Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

Anybody sees any of these kites, notify us immediately.

Kick Out the Jams!

The “Jam Wars” are heating up. Recent posts on the rec.kites newsgroup are just the opening shots of the skirmish. Seems that two designers are claiming ownership of the same design in the public forum. With the Jam Session being one of the top selling kites for the last several years, this is as close to a “battle of the business titans” that we are likely to see in the near future.

Sounds like the good start of a Dr. Seuss story –

“I do not like Christoff’s new Jam,

I do not like it, Dodd I am”

Finish the Seuss story, we will print them next issue. Send your ideas to

We are following the story, and will report in the March 1 KL. Expect a lot of coverage of all that’s new from the Kite Trade Association International trade show.

Indoor Event News

Indoor flying continues to gain momentum. Several upcoming events:

Saturday February 20, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. For info, contact:

Wings on the Wind
126 W. Wooster Rd.
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Kites Over New England Indoor Championship, Jan 16th, Marblehead, MA

Info at:

Newport Indoor Open competition, Feb 13th in Newport, RI.

Info: Steve Santos

1999 Southern California Sport Kite League Schedule


Belmont Shore Sport Kite Challenge
Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA


Huntington Beach Kite Tournament
Brookhurst & Pacific Coast Hwy.
Huntington Beach, CA


Long Beach Sport Kite Classic
Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA


Southern California Open
Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA

Info: Larry and Sandee Bush
Phone (562) 592-5483

New And Noteworthy

Two wonderful new sites:


This great site is definitely worth a visit. Spend the time to hunt around for the links, move your mouse all over each page to get the full experience. This page is a must-see. Requires the “Shockwave” plug-in, which you can download from the site if you don’t have it.

Animated STACK Sportkite Compulsory Figures

Any sportkite flier will enjoy seeing these realistic animations. A great learning tool! This site also requires the Shockwave plug-in.