Issue 7: South Padre Kite Festival

Time To Soar

SPI Kite Fest Takes to Air

event report by Jim Geyerman

4th_annual_Kite_Fest_by_Ray_Sa1_smallOf the few complaints directed at South Padre Island, lack of wind is usually not one of them. It was, however, a critical missing factor at the Fourth Annual South Padre Island Kite Fest held on the flats, just north of the Convention Center.

While gusts of wind provided for the completion of most competitions, many of the kites requiring more wind were simply left grounded for the day. Banners and ground displays hanging limp from their poles were not an unusual sight.

Sunday, however, was a different story as the usual winds returned to the Island, providing plenty of energy to keep the kites soaring. Hosted by Windchasers, Cathy and Jim Geyerman termed the event another success, drawing spectators from throughout the area. Actually, there were many visitors from out of state, but most were in the area as Winter Texans and not just down for the kite fest.

Carolyn Weir won first place in the Best Ground Display Individual and Paul Homan won that same honor for Best Ground Display Team. Bob Sterling entered the largest kite and Bonnie Culley took the honors for smallest. Homan also won for most unique.

In Open Freestyle competition it was Weir claiming first place, ahead of David Rios. The top five finishers in Experienced Ind Ballet were Tye Harrison, Michelle Thomason, Kevin Kirkendall, AJ Horn and Eddie Zihlman.

Top places in Masters Ind Precision went to Shane Snowden, Steve Thomason and Keith Anderson. Snowden edged out Thomason in ind Ballet.

In Novice Precision, it was Alex Horn placing ahead of Charles Brown and Jim Wood. Horn also took Ballet honors over Wood. Placing first in Intermediate Precision was Steven Ploof, followed by Aaron McCulley and Rick McGaffey. Ploof also claimed the Ballet title over McCulley.

Kevin Kirkendall was the top competitor in Experienced Ind Precision over Zihlman, Tye Harrison, and AJ Horn.

In Sunday’s competition, it was Harrison placing first in the Open Quad Ballet event, with Steven Ploof taking second. In Quad Ballet, it was Harrison first, followed by McCulley and Ploof. Air Borne took first ahead of Austin EOL in both team events.

In pairs, Precision was claimed by Clyde and Pat Barker, Tangled Mess in second. Ballet saw Tailsoooa first, TS Kites second, Clyde and Pat Barker third.